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Pola B.A. GRAND LUXE II Anti-Aging Serum

Pola B.A. GRAND LUXE II Anti-Aging Serum
Pola B.A. GRAND LUXE II Anti-Aging Serum
Pola B.A. GRAND LUXE II Anti-Aging Serum

Pola B.A. GRAND LUXE II Anti-Aging Serum




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This anti-aging serum from Pola B.A. has nourishing and moisturizing properties, helps to fight skin aging and leaves your skin young and fresh. It contains extracts of rose, marjoram, and yarrow that stimulate cell growth, shrink the pores, even out the complexion and skin texture. Phospholipids, safflower oil, astragalus, and shikonin have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties.

  • Shikonin protects the skin against ultraviolet rays.
  • Menthol revitalizes, refreshes and disinfects.
  • Glycogen prevents moisture evaporation and protects from free radicals and ultraviolet rays.
  • Hydrangea extract removes excess fluid from the tissues.
  • Carnation, chestnut, coptis, horsetail, and loofah have bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties, eliminate irritation, redness, and inflammation, restore blood flow and strengthen cells.
  • Ginger extract improves blood circulation.
  • Japanese quince penetrates the skin and moisturizes it from the inside.

This serum has a pleasant aroma of jasmine and rose. One bottle is approx. for 100 days.

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Manufacturer: POLA
Weight : 50 g
Product series :
Type :
Application : Anti-aging
Application :
Application : All skin types
Application :
Application : Moisturization
Application :
Application :
Application : Smoothing
Prescription : Face
Sex : Унисекс

Ingredients: water, concentrated glycerine, α-olefin oligomers, BG, conjugate acid, diglycerol, hydrogenated soy phospholipids, 4-butyl resorcinol, glycyrrhizic acid ammonium salt, ascorbic acid 2-glucoside, benzil ursolic acid, L-lysine, hydrolyzed conchiolin, N-lauroyl L-glutamic acid, menthol, glycogen (mussel), safflower oil, hydrangea extract, clove extract, luffa extract, astragal extract, rose extract, San-Therm chestnut extract, ginger extract, marjoram extract, yarrow extract, Egyptian goldthread extract , artemisia extract, horsetail extract, shikonin, hypericum extract, ethanol, dimethicone, stearic acid, carboxy vinyl polymers, behenyl alcohol, purify ethanol, potassium hydroxide, polyglyceryl oleate, lauryl glutamate, octyl dodecyl myristate, xanthan gum, vitamin E, hydrogenated oil, diethylenetriamine penta, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, propylparaben, flavor.

How to use: Apply a small amount of the product (1-2 pumps) on the cleansed face. Use every morning and evening.