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Albion Exage Moist Cleansing Essence

Albion Exage Moist Cleansing Essence

Albion Exage Moist Cleansing Essence




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Essence Albion Exage M oist C leansing E ssence cleans the skin surface from pollution, it delicately removes make-up and produces a deep moisturizing. The remedy removes even a particularly persistent make-up, dissolving it and leaving no traces or irritations on the surface. Immediately after application, the skin gets moistened and nourished, softened and becomes smooth and silky. Cleansing essence delicately removes a layer of keratinized particles, freeing them of the skin and providing oxygenation of the skin. Rose oil in combination with bee balm improves metabolism and speeds up regenerative processes. Natural components have an anti-inflammatory effect and disinfect the surface of the skin. With the constant use of essence, the skin becomes healthier and more attractive in appearance. Rose oil also produces a rejuvenating effect, supports the youth and freshness of the skin. The product helps to eliminate fatigue, dullness and give the skin tone and energy. Skin color becomes fresh and homogeneous, redness, roughness and irregularities are eliminated. The remedy has a pleasant light aroma that persists for a while on the skin.

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Appearance, performance and options can be changed by the manufacturer without notice.

Manufacturer: ALBION
Volume : 200 ml
Product series : Exage
Type : Essence
Application : Cleansing
Application : Makeup remover
Application : All skin types
Application : Moisturization
Application : Nourishment
Application : First signs of aging
Prescription : Face
Sex : Womans

Tips for use: Take some remedies on the skin and spread the massages over the entire surface, then rinse with water.