Gnocchi Incent Scalp Soda Cleansing

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How often should you wash your hair with shampoo? You can wash your hair every day, but it will be still greasy. Excessive sebum secretions can block hair follicles and reduce hair growth. Gnocchi Incent Scalp Soda Cleansing has been specially designed to prevent hair loss due to an oily scalp. Soft foam helps to clean greasy and oily scalp, open the pores and remove the dirt. The foam not only fight sebum but also keeps your scalp healthy! It contains ginger extract, which stimulates blood circulation and has cleansing properties. Natural organic ingredients (sage, thyme, rosehip) perfectly moisturize the scalp and roots of the hair.

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Brand Gnocchi
Weight160 grams

Does not contain fragrances, silicones, preservatives or dyes. Use once a week. 

How to use: Apply a sufficient amount of foam to the wet scalp (hold the sprayer down for about 3 seconds). Carefully massage the head, rinse with water. Use a shampoo.

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