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Dear-Natura Asahi Concentrated turmeric

Dear-Natura Asahi  Concentrated turmeric

Dear-Natura Asahi Concentrated turmeric




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Curcumin and inositol from Dear-Nature Asahi will recover your body and liver after a tumultuous feast and an exhausting illness. Curcumin is a wonderful detoxifier that quickly cleans blood and liver cells from toxins, cholesterol, and other saturated fats. Protects the pancreas and improves its function. Turmeric stimulates the active regeneration of damaged liver cells, restores the body's immune system and strengthens it. Turmeric reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, thrombosis, heart attacks, and strokes, destroys free radicals and cancer cells, helps fight infections and reduce pain, increases appetite and facilitates the fat and protein food digestion. Inositol, the main active components of the pig liver extract, is important for the production of hepatic and gastric enzymes. It activates digestion and intestinal function, removes cholesterol plaques from the blood vessels, lowers arterial pressure, stimulates protein synthesis and restores damaged cells, strengthens the nervous system.



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Manufacturer: Asahi
Quantity : 40 ps
Dosage : 20 days

Ingredients: Turmeric - 45 mg, Curcumin - 30 mg, Pig Liver Powder Extract - 100 mg.

Usage: Take 1 tablet 2 times a day during meals.