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Real Supplement Turmeric

Real Supplement Turmeric

Real Supplement Turmeric




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Turmeric is known for its healing and restoring properties. It helps to restore the body after disease and food poisoning, remove toxins and support the pancreas and liver. It is highly rich in vitamins and minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, iron, and iodine, as well as vitamins B, B2, B3, K, and C.

  • Polyphenol prevents obesity, removes excess moisture from the body and eliminates swelling. It also normalizes the metabolic process and promotes weight loss.
  • Curcumin suppresses the growth of tumor cells, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, cleanses the blood of cholesterol and prevents kidney stones.
  • Turmeric inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria and has an antiparasitic effect. It supports the gastrointestinal tract and helps to relieve the symptoms of a hangover.
  • Vitamin P restores the blood vessels, supports heart function, helps to treat sclerosis, asthma, psoriasis, and dermatitis.
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Manufacturer: Real Supplement
Dosage : 30 days

Usage: Take 3 tablets per day.

Ingredients: Lactose, corn starch, turmeric extract, calcium stearate, cellulose, shellac.

Nutritional value (in 3 capsules (750 mg)): 3.0 kcal, protein 0 g, lipids 0.01 g, carbohydrates 0.72 g, sodium 0.12 mg, curcuma extract (95% curcumin) 100 mg.

Turmeric should be avoided during chemotherapy, radiation or blood-thinning therapies.