Gnocchi Incent Scalp Awa-Type Shampoo

Gnocchi Incent Scalp Awa-Type Shampoo

Gnocchi Incent Scalp Awa-Type Shampoo

It is necessary to prevent dandruff, itching, and dryness if you want to have healthy and beautiful hair. Incent Scalp Gnocchi Shampoo penetrates into the deep layers of the skin and thoroughly cleans the scalp. Ginger extract moisturizes the skin, makes the hair healthier and stimulates microcirculation. A unique triple cleansing formula with amino acids normalizes excessive sebum secretions, prevents the appearance of dandruff, itching, dryness and unpleasant odor.  Soft foam gently cleanses the hair and scalp, makes the hair more elastic, nourishes the scalp. Protects from damage and gives a natural volume. The shampoo contains natural organic components (sage, thyme, rosehip), which moisturizes the hair, and essential oils that have a pleasant aroma.



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Does not contain fragrances, silicones, preservatives or dyes. 

How to use: Apply a sufficient amount of shampoo (1-2 pumps) on the wet hair, massage gently and rinse.

Can be used without conditioner.

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Brand: Gnocchi
Capacity350 ml

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