Ion Power Kiss You Toothbrush (Pink)

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About the product


manufacturerKISS YOU

Composition and method of application

The life of a lithium battery is about two years. Whether the battery is valid can be checked by pressing the indicator button.

For best results, we recommend using Apagard toothpaste.

Product description

Ion Power Kiss You Toothbrush has a metal rod covered with titanium dioxide inside. This rod, when connected to a power source (battery), begins to release the negatively charged ions that pass through the brush head and enter the saliva when cleaning the teeth. The action of charged ions allows you to significantly normalize the acidity of the oral cavity, which can be especially important if you or your children brush the teeth for less than 3-4 minutes. In addition, the ionization process helps to fight the bad breath. The plaque has a positive charge, and the surface of the teeth has a negative charge. In this case, as is known, opposite charges attract, because of what the dental plaque is difficult to eliminate in the usual way. The toothbrush bristles are negatively charged through the metal rod with the brush head. When using an ionic toothbrush, the polarity of the teeth changes from negative to positive. Dental plaque repels from the teeth and attracts to the negatively charged toothbrush. Using the Ion Power Kiss You Toothbrush and a high-quality toothpaste significantly reduces the risk of developing dental cavities, helps to prevent acid tooth erosion and refresh bad breath.