Japanese Curry Housefood Vermont Apple and Honey (sweet, with ostrinkoy)

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About the product


manufacturerHouse Foods Corp

Composition and method of application

Way of preparation: one package is designed for 6 servings. chicken breast or any other meat potatoes - 2 pcs; 1 carrot onions - 1 pc; curry - about 6 cubes water - 850 ml Procedure: Finely chop the meat. Cut the onions, carrots, potatoes into cubes. Fry meat in a frying pan until golden. Add the remaining vegetables to the frying pan, fry until softness is obtained. Put the fried products in a saucepan, pour 850 ml. water and simmer under the lid over low heat until the potatoes are ready. Put the curry cubes, simmer, stirring, 10 minutes. The sauce should thicken. Spread on a plate and served with rice in a proportion of 50/50. The dish is ready! Bon appetit!

Product description

Japanese Curry Housefood Vermont apple and honey (sweet, with ostrinkoy) - it's quite simple to prepare a dish of vegetables, rice and curry sauce. It is very popular in Japan and is everyday. Curry is sold in stores in the form of semi-finished products, served in restaurants and special institutions. This kind of curry is very popular with children, as it does not contain very sharp spices. In Japan, this product is prepared even in kindergartens. The curry recipe in Japan appeared a long time ago, back in the Meiji era, and since that time the recipe has been perfected. Today this dish has many tastes. Curry is cooked with various kinds of meat and seafood. Expensive restaurants prepare curry sauce for themselves, this takes several hours. The easiest way is to buy tiled curry, which has several degrees of wittiness, and add it to the fried vegetables, filled with water. Now you can also try to cook curry at home according to our recipe!

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