FLOWFUSHI LIP 38 ℃ Treatment + 3 ℃ Coral Pink

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About the product


TypeLip gloss
ApplicationSun protection
PrescriptionFor lips

Product description

FlowFushi has created a lipstick, which combines caring and refreshing properties. The product contains lactic acid bacteria, which increase the blood flow, activate the cells and create a slightly coral pink color. This is the first product in the world that contains bacteria and has a bactericidal effect, thereby preventing viral herpes. The natural moisturizing components hydrate the skin and improve its protective barrier. Lipstick also contains minerals, which increase blood flow and regenerate skin cells. Enriched with shea butter, squalane, tocopherol (Vitamin E), hyaluronic acid and collagen, this lipstick is the perfect solution.
Protects against UV rays (SPF20PA ++). With special design spatula for easy application.
It gives you a vivid color when getting contact with your body temperature, like +3 degree to give a pink glow finish, or +5 degree to give a smart orange finish. Available in different colors.
Perfume free. Only natural components.