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BB Laboratories Emolent Lift Lotion

BB Laboratories Emolent Lift Lotion

BB Laboratories Emolent Lift Lotion




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BB Laboratories Emolent Lift Lotion is formulated with vegetable oils and natural extracts. This lotion gently cleanses the skin of sebum and makeup remnants, while hydrating and moisturizing it. It smooths out wrinkles, increases skin elasticity, removes excess fluid from the tissues, tightens enlarged pores, heals comedones and acne. This lotion removes inflammation and disinfects the skin. Benefits:

  • Rosa damascena flower extract contains antioxidants, moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin, prevents peeling, smooths wrinkles and makes the skin elastic, tightens the pores, normalizes excessive sebum secretions, removes scars;
  • Glycerin and hyaluronic acid moisturize and soften the skin, prevent the moisture evaporation;
  • Hydrolyzed collagen and elastin smooth out deep wrinkles, make the skin firm and elastic;
  • Mandarin peel extract removes edema, softens the skin and helps to get rid of enlarged pores;
  • Agar-agar extract keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day;
  • Seaweed extract intensively removes toxins and excess fluid from the skin, nourishes it with antioxidants and tightens sagging skin;
  • Centella Asiatic extract stimulates the collagen synthesis, makes the skin more elastic and smooths wrinkles, stimulates the blood flow and cell regeneration;
  • Lemongrass extract tightens the pores and normalizes excessive sebum secretions, prevents acne; It is a fungicide, antiseptic, anti-edema, wound-healing and anti-inflammatory agent;
  • Aloe vera extract adsorbs the surplus of sebum, cleans and tightens the pores, relieves inflammation, prevents acne and heals acne scars;
  • Lime flower extract removes excess fluid from the tissues, normalizes excessive sebum secretions, removes toxins and slags;
  • Alpinia leaf extract improves blood circulation and nutrient uptake;
  • Lysolecithin is an antioxidant that removes cholesterol plaques and strengthens the cell membranes;
  • Ceramides restore the natural lipid layer and prevent moisture evaporation;
  • Squalene is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants that protect the skin with a breathable, thin protective film; Removes free radicals, protects against UV-rays;
  • Betaine prevents moisture evaporation;
  • Glycyrrhizate soothes and softens irritated skin;
  • Castor oil nourishes the skin with polyunsaturated fatty acids and tocopherol, moisturizes, softens and bleaches it;
  • Citric acid is a natural antioxidant, antiseptic and whitening agent.
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Appearance, performance and options can be changed by the manufacturer without notice.

Manufacturer: BB Laboratories
Volume : 160 ml
Product series :
Type : Lotion
Application : Cleansing
Application : Anti-aging
Application : Against inflammations
Application : Toning
Application : Moisturization
Application : All skin types
Prescription : Face
Sex : Unisex

How to use: After washing the face and applying Placenta Extract and Hyalurone Elastin Collagen Extract, take the coin-sized amount of the product and apply to the face.