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Natural flavoring for home Laundrin Classic Fiore

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Natural flavoring for home Laundrin Classic Fiore

Natural flavoring for home Laundrin Classic Fiore

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It's always nice when the house smells good. A variety of chemicals most often have a sharp smell, and they are not very useful for health. In addition, they can cause allergy in people, especially sensitive to smells. Therefore, for health and mood, it is better to use natural flavors. A series of Japanese deodorizing fragrances for home Laundrin offers you a bouquet of delicious natural flavors for every taste. A special feature of the product is the presence in the aroma of oils, which quickly and effectively rid of unpleasant odors, filling the room with a soft and pleasant aroma. The aroma bottle with the function of adjusting the intensity of aroma has an exquisite design in the form of a small glass vase, so it is ideal for any room. One package is enough for about two months.

Characteristics Composition and method of application Reviews

Appearance, performance and options can be changed by the manufacturer without notice.

Volume : 80 ml
Real Weight : 270
Type : Ароматизатор

Way of use: open the film along the separation lines. Remove the vase and pour the liquid from the small bottle. Put in the vase the wooden sticks that come with the kit.