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Rohto 50 Megumi Oil-In Milk

Rohto 50 Megumi Oil-In Milk

Rohto 50 Megumi Oil-In Milk



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Rohto 50 Megumi Oil-In Milk has moisturizing and rejuvenating properties and is an ideal option for dry skin. It is a multitasking product that combines the properties of lotion, emulsion, essence, cream, and mask. It protects the skin with a thin film that normalizes the water balance and protects it from drying out. It tightens the skin, smoothes wrinkles and increases elasticity. Regular use of this product also boosts skin immunity and relieves irritation. Rohto 50 Megumi Oil-In Milk is formulated with fifty nourishing ingredients, collagen, retinol, and beauty oils.

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Appearance, performance and options can be changed by the manufacturer without notice.

Manufacturer: Rohto
Volume : 230 ml

Active ingredients: fifty nourishing ingredients, hydrolyzed collagen, water-soluble collagen, succinyl atelocollagen, hydrogenated retinol, squalane, olive oil, camellia seed oil, kaninabara fruit oil, white lupin seed extract, shea oil, kudamono passionflower seed oil.

How to use: Saturate a cotton pad with Rohto 50 Megumi Oil-In Milk and wipe your skin.