Asahi Slim Up Slim Collagen & Dietary Fiber



Asahi Slim Up Slim is a unique complex of vitamins and minerals with a mango taste. Slim Up Slim from Asahi - is a dietary product that not only helps to lose weight but also fills the body with health and beauty. It combines components that help to block excess calories, to optimize the metabolism and preserve the natural beauty. Just add water - and the product is ready for use. Supports your overall digestive system, immune system, intestinal regularity, improves nutrient absorption, and improves weight management. It is necessary for the muscle tissue, hair, and skin since contains protein and amino acids. The product contains a combination of amino acids and protein that improves the function of the digestive system. This protein, unlike the protein of animal origin, replaces a meal and prolongs satiety. Collagen supports skin beauty and elasticity. Lactic acid bacteria increase the collagen production.

In 2 spoons (30 grams) - 100 kcal, dietary fiber - 5000 mg, multivitamins, and minerals.

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Brand Asahi
Weight300 grams

How to take: Eating three meals a day, replace one meal with Slim Up Slim Asahi chocolate. Dissolve two measuring spoons of the product (a measuring spoon is attached) in the glass of water.

Calorie - 96 kcal.
Proteins - 6.8 g,
Fat - 0.66 g,
Carbohydrates - 15 g,
Dietary fiber - 5.0 g,
Sodium - 31 ~ 99 mg,
Vitamin A - 150~410 mg,
Vitamin B1 - 0.34 mg,
Vitamin B2 - 0.40 mg,
Vitamin B6 - 0.34 mg,
Vitamin B12 - 0.67 ~ 2.2 mg,
Vitamin C - 27 ~ 75 mg,
Vitamin D - 1.7 mg,
Vitamin E - 2.7~11 mg,
Nicotinic acid - 3.7 mg,
Pantothenic acid - 2.2 mg,
Folic acid - 78 µg,
Calcium - 234 mg,
Magnesium - 84 mg,
Iron - 2.8 mg,
Potassium - 320 mg,
Valine - 20 mg,
Leucine - 30 mg,
Isoleucine - 25 mg.

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