Sante FX V Plus

Sante FX V Plus

Sante FX V Plus

Sante FX V Plus is rich in nutrients such as vitamins and amino acids. This product effectively relieves tired and red eyes by supplying nutrients and facilitating tissue metabolism. Has a pronounced antioxidant effect, prevent eye disease, reduce the capillary fragility. The product help to strengthen the blood vessels and increase their elasticity. The vitamins are necessary for the collagen synthesis, which increases the elasticity of the blood vessel walls. The product improves conditions such as tired eyes by improving the focus adjustment mechanism of the eyes, increases tissue respiration in the eyes, suppresses inflammation and itchiness of the eyes by suppressing histamine activity, suppresses congestion of the conjunctiva (the whites of the eyes).

Sante FX + is truly recognized worldwide and trusted by medical professionals, patients, their loved ones, and society at large. Nowadays, the eye drops are used not only to moisturize the eyes but to nourish the eyes with essential vitamins and improve vision. Japanese eye drops help not only to protect the eyes against the external influences but also to restore intraocular pressure, to completely eliminate red eyes and improve vision.



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How to use: Instill 2 to 3 drops at a time, 5 to 6 times daily.

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Brand: Sante
Capacity12 ml

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