Dot Free White Foam



Dot Free White Foam is enriched with arbutin and vitamin C. It helps to get rid of dull skin, makes it smooth and radiant, cleanses the pores and moisturizes the cells. Cleanses the keratinized cells, prevents dry and rough skin. The perfect remedy to use in the morning and in the evening. Creamy thick foam penetrates into the pores, cleans excess skin sebum and other contaminants, fights black spots, exfoliates the skin. The remedy carefully removes the excess melanin produced in the upper layer of skin, which often causes a dull skin color. Regular use of the remedy helps to even out the skin complexion, makes the skin more radiant and fresh. The combination of vitamin C, arbutin and saxifrage extract whitens the skin and suppresses the melanin production. The product also contains green tea extract and vitamin E.

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Brand Dot free
Weight90 grams
Real Weight110

Does not contain preservatives and colorants. Oil-free. Perfume-free.

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