Whitening toothpaste Smile Cosmetique for sensitive teeth

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About the product


manufacturerSmile Cosmetique
Volume85 ml

Product description

Whitening toothpaste Smail Cosmetique for sensitive teeth effectively cures redness and bleeding gums, and also removes the pain that occurs when brushing your teeth. Also prevents the development of periodontitis and caries, freshens breath. Periodontitis is a general term for periodontal disease. Depending on the type of bacteria produced during periodontitis, gingivitis (gum bleeding) and periodontitis (inflammation of the alveolar bone) can develop, which is the main cause of tooth loss. Therefore, the composition of this toothpaste is glycyrrhetinic acid, extracted from licorice, which prevents the development of periodontitis. Important in the prevention of periodontal disease is a thorough disposal of plaque, which is a favorable environment for the reproduction of bacteria. Ion-containing component of therapeutic toothpaste Smile Cosmetique, namely polyphosphoric acid, adsorbs plaque, penetrating even in hard-to-reach places, completely cleansing the oral cavity. Due to this, the usual daily oral hygiene makes the teeth surface smoother and snow-white.