Yanagiya Fresh Tonic

Yanagiya Fresh Tonic

Yanagiya Fresh Tonic

Yanagiya Fresh Tonic for thinning hair provides a full protection against harsh environmental factors. Prevents the appearance of itching and dandruff. The tonic-spray is really easy to use. The product instantly moisturizes the scalp, leaving a feeling of purity and freshness. The combination of menthol, cayenne pepper, and camphor activates a receptor in the skin which has a cooling effect so you can enjoy a feeling of freshness and purity.

Phytocomponents and vitamin E stimulate hair growth and prevent their loss. The 7 plants extracts moisturize the hair and scalp.


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How to use: Apply the tonic to the clean scalp in the morning and in the evening.

Does not contain fragrances.

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Brand: Yanagiya
Weight190 grams

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