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Asahi Dear-Natura B Vitamins

Asahi Dear-Natura B Vitamins

Asahi Dear-Natura B Vitamins




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Asahi Dear-Natura B Vitamins will help to get rid of skin problems and improve overall health. The product removes toxins and stimulates the body to auto-regeneration, helps to enhance the wound healing process, relieves inflammation and rashes, prevents dryness of mucous membranes, improves the condition of hair and nails. It supports the function of the CNS and brain, helps to cope with apathy and anxiety, improves cognitive abilities, as well as endurance and concentration. B vitamins help to get rid of extra pounds, stimulate the metabolic process, increase red blood cell production, improve digestive health and boost immunity.



    • Vitamin B1 - increases the body resistance to viruses, stimulates cell regeneration, has a beneficial effect on the nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems, relieves stress and anxiety, heals the skin;
    • Vitamin B2 - provides the body with energy, reduces drowsiness, removes toxins from the body, plays a role in hematopoiesis and metabolic process, improves skin health;
    • Vitamin B6 - normalizes blood circulation, accelerates glucose utilization, has a calming effect;
    • Vitamin B12 - is useful for energy metabolism and red blood cell formation, supports the nervous system function, increases the oxygen levels;
    • Niacin -boosts the immune system and stimulates blood circulation, helps to maintain healthy skin and joints;
    • Pantothenic acid normalizes the fat and carbohydrate metabolism and restores the skin after diseases;
    • Folic acid - is vital for hemoglobin synthesis, helps support normal functioning of the nervous system and plays a critical role in the proper development of the baby’s nervous system.
    • Biotin - is involved in the metabolism of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins, prevents obesity, helps to cope with dermatitis.


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Manufacturer: Asahi
Quantity : 60 ps
Dosage : 60 days

Ingredients: biotin - 45 mcg, vitamin B1 - 25.0 mg, vitamin B2 - 12 mg, vitamin B6 - 10 mg, vitamin B12 - 20 mcg, pantothenic acid - 5.5 mg, niacin - 11 mg, folic acid - 200 mcg.

How to take: 1 tablet per day during a meal.