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ORIHIRO IRON Chewing Vitamins (Berries)

ORIHIRO IRON Chewing Vitamins (Berries)

ORIHIRO IRON Chewing Vitamins (Berries)




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Iron is a part of the hemoglobin protein, which is necessary for hematopoiesis. This mineral restores liver, pancreas and bone marrow cells. It is necessary for the thyroid hormone synthesis and secretion, restores the nervous tissue, strengthens the joints and tissues and improves the immune system. The combination of iron and other useful components helps to treat anemia and restore the body, tonics the nervous system, relieves fatigue, improves metabolism, strengthens the bones and teeth, improves the skin, hair and nail condition. The supplement also contains:

  • Folic acid - is necessary the formation of nervous tissue, prevents anemia, normalizes hematopoiesis;
  • Vitamin B6 - stimulates blood flow, improves tissue nutrition, optimizes glucose consumption, soothes and strengthens the nervous system;
  • Vitamin B12 - is necessary for energy metabolism and nervous system function, plays role in red blood cell production;
  • Copper - is vital for erythrocyte production, collagen, and melanin synthesis. Stimulates the bone tissue formation.
  • Vitamin C - is an antioxidant, increases immunity, stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthens the tissues, vessels and skin, fights wrinkles and stretch marks.
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Manufacturer: ORIHIRO
Quantity : 120 ps
Quantity : 60 ps
Dosage : 30 days

Components (daily dose): iron - 10.0 mg, copper - 0.1 mg, vitamin B6 - 1.0 mg, vitamin B12 - 1.8 μg, folic acid - 140 μg, vitamin C - 80 mg.

Usage: Take 2 tablets twice a day.