SHISEIDO AntiAge Coenzyme Q10

SHISEIDO AntiAge Coenzyme Q10

SHISEIDO AntiAge Coenzyme Q10

SHISEIDO AntiAge Coenzyme Q10 with royal jelly and soy isoflavones protect cells against carcinogenic substances and delays the process of skin aging. It is a powerful antioxidant.

  • Stimulates tissue regeneration;
  • Protects our body against free radicals;
  • Ensures an adequate oxygen supply to all cells of the organism, prevents hypoxia, improves cerebral circulation;
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, strengthens immunity;
  • Normalizes body weight, converts fat into energy;
  • Reduces wrinkles, dryness, and skin atrophy, increases its elasticity, helps to slow the aging process.

Coenzyme Q10 prevents many diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases, and improves body function. Coenzyme Q10 has antioxidant, antiatherosclerotic, antiarrhythmic, antihypertensive, anti-allergic, hepatoprotective effect. Coenzyme Q10 normalizes the lipid composition of the blood, improves its properties, coronary circulation, regulates the blood glucose level. It also improves the respiratory system and reproductive system, prevents periodontosis. Coenzyme Q10 called a geroprotector is a defender against old age. The lack of Q10 affects the cardiovascular system. Our heart constantly needs energy. To improve the heart function use SHISEIDO AntiAge Coenzyme Q10.



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How to use: Take 3 capsules a day after the meal.

Components: Coenzyme Q10 - 100 mg, royal jelly - 100 mg, soy isoflavones - 30 mg, flax seed extract - 5 mg, L-carnitine - 50 mg, black pepper extract - 4 mg.

Data sheet

Brand: Shiseido
Amount90 pcs
Dosage30 days

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