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Fancl Melilot Kyuttoresuto

Fancl Melilot Kyuttoresuto

Fancl Melilot Kyuttoresuto



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If you are an active person, love to work a lot and care about your health and appearance, we can offer you a new product from FANCL that can make you look perfect! This incredible plant called Melilotus officinalis has dramatic properties. It contains coumarin, dicumarol, coumaric acid, glycoside, essential oil, and other essential ingredients. Melilotus officinalis helps to get rid of insomnia, hysteria, cardiopathies, migraine, nervous excitability, insomnia, headache, melancholia, menstruation disorders (irregular menstrual bleeding, amenorrhea, painful menstrual periods, and etc.). And this is not the least of its advantages. It removes excess fluid from the tissues. The product also contains the combination of three amino acids (BCAA), including leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These three amino acids are critical to human life that means you need to get them from your diet. Valine specifically supports lean muscle-mass building and muscle repair. Isoleucine and the other BCAAs can help reduce the harmful effects of stress on your body. Leucine is essential for growth as a stimulator for protein synthesis in muscle. Vitamin P is an essential nutrient that improves your skin and blood vessels. It stimulates the collagen production. Regular use of the vitamin P strengthens the capillaries, improves elasticity and decreases venous congestion, normalizes blood pressure and removes puffiness. Vitamin P helps your body to burn more fat. Regulates cholesterol metabolism, thereby preventing atherosclerosis. The combination of vitamin C and vitamin P prevents colds and infectious diseases and boosts your immune system. Vitamin P regulates bile formation, normalizing the hemoglobin digestion. Vitamin P (hesperidin) helps strengthen the blood vessels, improves the capillary vessels, reduces blood pressure and prevent bleeding. It prevents allergies and asthma. Has antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin B6 helps all these components to "be friends" and work together effectively. It increases metabolism, improves the nervous system, stimulates the collagen synthesis, lowers the cholesterol level. Try a wonderful supplement form FANCL, and improve your wellness today!


Helps to burn fat during training.

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Manufacturer: FANCL
Quantity : 270 ps
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Dosage : 30 days

Composition: Melilotus officinalis extract - 130 mg, (BCAA - amino acids) - 800 mg, (valine -240 mg, isoleucine -160 mg, leucine -400 mg), vitamin P (hesperidin) -50 mg, vitamin B6 - 2.3 mg.

Do not use if you have the milk allergy.

Do not use if you are pregnant.