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Shiseido Revital Granas Moisturizing Emulsion

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Shiseido Revital Granas Moisturizing Emulsion
Shiseido Revital Granas Moisturizing Emulsion

Shiseido Revital Granas Moisturizing Emulsion

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Shiseido Revital Granas Moisturizing Emulsion deeply nourishes and moisturizes your skin and protects it with a breathable, thin protective film. This emulsion normalizes excessive sebum production, protects skin from drying out, stimulates fibrin production and increases elasticity. It increases blood flow, removes toxins and improves the overall condition of your skin. Vitamins A and C protect against ultraviolet radiation and free radicals. Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis. Collagen stimulates the skin to auto regeneration and reduces deep wrinkles. Glycerol and hyaluronic acid remove fine wrinkles caused by dry skin and prevent moisture evaporation. Winged bean extract is rich in vitamins B and PP that protect skin from drying out and soften rough skin. 

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Appearance, performance and options can be changed by the manufacturer without notice.

Manufacturer: Shiseido
Volume : 110 ml
Product series : Revital
Type :
Application : Омоложение и увлажнение
Application : Moisturization
Application :
Application : All skin types
Application :
Prescription : Эмульсия
Prescription : Face
Sex : Женский

Ingredients: winged bean extract, glycerin, collagen, hyaluronic acid.

How to use: Saturate a cotton pad with this emulsion and wipe your face. Use twice a day.