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ALGAE Spirulina Powder

ALGAE Spirulina Powder

ALGAE Spirulina Powder




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Spirulina is a blue-green alga grown near the Okinawa island. It is enriched with amino acids, which have a beneficial effect on metabolic processes and remove toxins. Spirulina contains more than 2000 vitamins and minerals, as well as plant enzymes and fatty amino acids. Ten grams of this superfood contains more carotene than 10 kg of dried carrots. Spirulina Powder buy - our online store offer you the best products at the lowest prices!

Spirulina contains:

  • Glutamic acid supports brain cells, helps to improve mental health;
  • Arginine - cleanses the blood from harmful toxins and increases libido;
  • Inositol is useful for the treatment of liver disorders. It normalizes the cholesterol level, removes carcinogens and normalizes hormonal balance in women;
  • Thiamin helps to cope with fatigue, treats the CNS system, heart disorders, insomnia, dyspnea;
  • Tyrosine is known as "the elixir of youth" and has powerful anti-aging properties;
  • Folic acid - stimulates hemoglobin production;
  • Cystine has a beneficial effect on the pancreas;
  • Phycocyanin has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation properties. Helps to treat cancer. It can be produced by spirulina only.

Spirulina is recommended for patients with type 2 diabetes. Regular consumption of this alga significantly reduces the blood sugar level. It can also help to relieve the symptoms of herpes, influenza, allergies. Also, spirulina lowers blood pressure (by increasing the elasticity of blood vessels), improves immunity and prevents a hangover. Spirulina helps to cope with respiratory diseases and improves overall health. Spirulina is also beneficial for the control of bronchial asthma. Studies have shown that administering its extracts at 1 gram per day can have almost an equal effect on bronchial asthma as medication does. This is true in the case of mild and moderate asthma. It helps to treat heart diseases and hypertension, prevents atherosclerosis and stroke, relieves liver inflammation, detoxifies the body, and reduces the risk of Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, etc.

ALGAE products meet the standards of FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization).


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Manufacturer: Algae
Weight : 500 g
Dosage : 60 days

Ingredients: Spirulina Powder 100%.

Usage: Adults, take 8 grams per day (1 tablespoon).