FANCL Kale Aojiru Beauty Green

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About the product


Dosage30 days
Quantity60 ps

Composition and method of application

Usage: Take 1 sachet per day (1 package contains 30 bags).

Does not contain dyes, salt, and preservatives.

Ingredients: kale cabbage dietary fibers - 0.70 g, sodium - 6.3~16 mg, potassium - 29~117 mg, calcium - 16~42 mg, magnesium - 2.6~9.7 mg , iron - 0.04~0.09 mg, β-carotene -56~440 μg, vitamin C - 25~69 mg, vitamin E - 0.11~0.33 mg, vitamin K - 15~44 μg, folic acid -15 μg, ceramides - 600 mcg, HTC Tripeptide collagen - 300 mg, vitamin P (hesperidin) - 50 mg, citric acid - 104~223 mg, chlorophyll - 1.9~6.1 mg, lutein - 0.22~0.57 mg.
Energy value: 1 sachet - 43 kcal. The product contains dairy components and components made from apples and gelatin.

Product description

We are glad to offer you an amazing supplement from FANCL, which contains vitamins and minerals, collagen, hesperidin, folic acid and many other useful agents that will help you to feel healthy and beautiful. FANCL company uses only environment-friendly natural ingredients. The products do not contain preservatives and artificial additives. Let's talk about the main active components of the supplement. Kale or leaf cabbage has many useful properties. It contains a high-quality protein containing all essential acids, OMEGA-3 essential fatty acids, vitamins A and C, calcium, and magnesium. Kale is a source of antioxidants. To maintain freshness and beauty of the skin, you need to take collagen supplements. FANCL Kale Aojiru Beauty Green is highly rich in collagen (HTC Collagen), which is an essential amino acid for the entire body, from the skin to the bones. It strengthens your body and improves elasticity. HTC Collagen much more effectively smooths wrinkles than other types of collagen. It improves skin complexion and prevents photoaging. Vitamin C is value for overall body health. It has many health benefits: stimulates the cell and tissue growth, protects the body against infections, prevents stress and fatigue, improves liver function. The product also contains vitamin P. Actually, “Vitamin P” is not a vitamin at all. It was the term given to a group of super-healing plant substances from the 1930s to the 1950s. Today these substances are better known as flavonoids (or sometimes bioflavonoids) and they can be found in thousands of plant species. Vitamin P is useful for the skin and blood vessels. It strengthens the capillaries, improves their elasticity, prevents sclerosing, normalizes blood pressure and reduces edema. Vitamin P positively affects fat metabolism. It prevents cholesterol plaques and atherosclerosis. The combination of vitamin C and vitamin P has antibacterial action. Prevents cold and infectious diseases. Strengthens the immune system. Vitamin P regulates bile formation, normalizing food digestion. Hesperidin (Vitamin P) helps strengthen the blood vessels, improves capillary vessels, increases coronary blood flow, reduces blood pressure and prevents bleeding. In addition to, hesperidin helps to cope with the symptoms of allergy and asthma. It has antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. The supplement contains folic acid (vitamin B12). It is vital for the healthy growth of new cells. The perfect agent for women during pregnancy. Ceramides are natural lipids (fats), the main structural components of the skin. Ceramides prevent moisture loss, improves skin barrier function, help restore the natural skin pH balance.

Improve your health and beauty from the inside!