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DHC Domestic Perfect Vegetables Premium

DHC Domestic Perfect Vegetables Premium

DHC Domestic Perfect Vegetables Premium




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Formulated with the combination of 32 vegetables, the supplement from DHC will saturate your body with vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients your body needs. It is especially useful for those who suffer from poor nutrition or who want to lose some extra pounds. The product boosts metabolic process, slows down aging and stimulates recovery after stress and disease. It supports your immune system, improving the health of cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive and nervous systems. Tonics the muscles, normalizes the blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol, improving blood flow. The supplement helps the body cope with the lack of oxygen and sunlight, removes free radicals, restores the liver and thyroid gland. Yellow and red vegetables help to improve vision; yeast extract helps to cope with stress, increases cognitive and intellectual abilities, stimulates energy production and normalizes hormonal balance. The key components:

white cabbage extract - is rich in vitamins K and U (prevent and treat internal bleeding and tissue damage, including gastric ulcer and gastritis) and silicon (improves the condition of skin, hair, and nails);

broccoli extract - is a source of trace elements, valuable proteins. Boosts immunity, cleans the vessels of cholesterol, improves the CNS function and vision;

sweet potato extract - strengthens the blood vessels and heart muscle. Restores nerve cells, improves brain function. Contains anti-carcinogens and antioxidants, increases immunity and libido in women;

onion extract - helps to get rid of vitamin deficiency, increases immunity, heals the digestive and cardiovascular systems;

pumpkin extract - stimulates metabolism, strengthens the nervous and cardiovascular systems, tightens the skin, fights ulcers, slows down aging and rejuvenates the body;

corn extract - relieves stress, supports the CNS function, improves brain health, increases blood clotting, and heals damaged tissues and organs;

carrot extract - contains antioxidants that rejuvenate the body, heals the skin and digestive system;

potato extract - increases immunity, treats gastritis, streghtens the heart muscle;

spinach extract - nourishes the body with proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Detoxifies the body, stimulating energy production. Stimulates the pancreas, strengthens the blood vessels;

radish extract - is the source of all essential vitamins, improves digestive health and stimulates bile secretion. Boosts metabolism and cleanses vessels;

tarot extract - contains anticarcinogens, reduces blood pressure, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular, nervous, immune and digestive systems, restores vision, healthy hair and skin;

mulberry leaf extract - reduces blood sugar, strengthens the nervous system, relieves stress, headache, swelling, heals the gastrointestinal tract, heart and kidneys. Has anti-inflammatory properties. Saturates the body with viamins;

garlic extract - increases immunity, desinfects viruses and bacteria, blocks free radicals, supports the nervous system, speeds up energy metabolism in cells, protects the liver, speeds up bile secretion, prevents thromboses;

ginger extract - is an antioxidant. Stimulates blood circulation, calms nerves, relieves stress, stimulates fat burning;

parsley extract - is a source of silicon (useful for the skin) and chlorophyll. It is a natural antibiotic, that boosts immunity and saturates the cells with oxygen;

burdock root extract - removes toxins from the body, reduces inflammation, stimulates cell regeneration;

celery extract - cleans the body of toxins and slags, stimulates edurance and performance, normalizes water-salt balance and has a positive effect on the reproductive system;

bitter gourd fruit extract - lowers the amount of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, removes excess weight;

wormwood extract - stimulates energy production, removes bad bacteria, stimulates weight loss; 

asparagus extract - is a diuretic agent; purifies blood, supports the liver, reduces blood pressure, removes kidney stones;

red perilla extract - contains antioxidants (polyunsaturated fatty acids, tocopherol), strengthens the blood vessels, improves blood circulation;

green soybean extract - is a source of protein. It is useful for the cardiovascular, nervous, digestive system, and pancreas. Rejuvenates the body;

okra extract - strengthens the immune system, improves skin health, reduces inflammation, normalizes blood pressues, supports heart function, protects vision, reduces fatiguem lowers cholesterol levels. It is useful to patients with diabetes. 

barley extract - nourishes the body with nutrients, improves metabolic process, relieves the symptoms of allergy, helps to get rid of skin diseases, stimulates blood circulation, protects the body against free radicals and removes toxins, restores the liver and thyroid gland;

vitamin E - is an antioxidant, accelerates blood circulation, saturates tissues with oxygen, normalizes hormonal balance;

lactic acid bacteria - improve digestive health, heal the CNS and boost immunity;

yeast extract - contains group B vitamins that stimulate energy prodcution, support the CNS and relieve chronic fatigue syndrome;

cellulose - absorbs harmful substances from the intestines and stomach, reduces appetite, stimulates weight loss.

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Appearance, performance and options can be changed by the manufacturer without notice.

Manufacturer: DHC
Quantity : 120 ps
Quantity : 60 ps
Dosage : 30 days

Ingredients: white cabbage extract, broccoli extract, sweet potato extract, onion extract, pumpkin extract, corn extract, сhinese cabbage extract, carrot extract, potato extract, cauliflower extract, spinach extract, radish extract, taro extract, mulberry leaа extract, garlic extract, ginger extract, parsley extract, burdock root extract, celery extract, bitter gourd extract, wormwood extract, asparagus extract, red perilla extract, green soybean extract, okra extract, barley extract, dextrin, vitamin E and lactic acid bacteria, yeast, cellulose, fatty acid esters, silicon.

How to use: Take 2 tablets in the morning and in the evening during a meal.