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Rohto New Senobiccu Milk Cocoa Taste

Rohto New Senobiccu Milk Cocoa Taste

Rohto New Senobiccu Milk Cocoa Taste




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This beverage contains nutrients and vitamins your body needs. It is also enriched with calcium and vitamin D to strengthen the bones and teeth. Calcium strengthens bones, improves the condition of tooth enamel and prevents diseases. Iron increases the hemoglobin level, improves intracellular metabolism, helps to saturate the body with oxygen. This beverage stimulates brain function, supports the CNS and thyroid gland. It boosts immunity and helps to maintain high performance.

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Appearance, performance and options can be changed by the manufacturer without notice.

Manufacturer: Rohto
Weight : 225g

How to use: Dissolve 8 g of the powder in 150 of milk or warm water. Take 2 times a day.

Ingredients: Granulated sugar, cocoa powder (cocoa butter 10-12%), vegetable oils and fats, milk peptide, salt, egg yolk peptide, calcium phosphate, eggshell calcium, vitamin C, iron pyrophosphate, vitamin K2, vitamin D.