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Eyebrow Brushes


Beautiful eyebrows are an essential part of makeup look. Just changing the shape, length or opacity of your brows you can change your face, easily making eyebrows the focal point of your entire makeup look.

If you want to get the perfect eyebrows, then you need precision, patience, and quality tools. The result is 80% dependent on brushes and cosmetics you use. Therefore, it makes sense to spend much more time choosing the right eyebrow brush.

What is the most important thing when buying makeup brushes?

Here are some tips when shopping for makeup brushes.

  • Stiffness. Using a soft brush, you can apply cosmetics with a thin layer and shade it well. Choose a brush with stiff bristles for stronger-looking brows.
  • Bristles. Our online store offers you both natural and synthetic brushes. Natural hair works best with powder products, and synthetic bristles are perfect for cream and liquid products.
  • Shape. Use a large and soft brush to apply the powder product evenly. Pick up a smaller, narrower, and stiffer brush to create a defined edge.
  • Hair length. Short hair helps to create clean lines. Thanks to this, you can make the eyebrows look gorgeous and expressive. If you want to create a natural make-up, you should buy a long hair brush.
  • Handle. Choose the brush with convenient handle, that will help to finish your look without efforts.

What shape is the best?

  • Angled eyebrow brush. The flat angled brush makes it easy to draw on feathery strokes for a natural-looking brow. Quickly and accurately applying a shade to each hair, you can easily make a saturated color. A brush with a stiff bristle gives you maximum control and precision, making it easy to create beautifully defined brows. A soft brush allows you to achieve an even tone and precisely shaped eyebrows.
  • Cut crease brush. If you prefer to use the eyebrow shadows, this brush is perfect for you. Evenly apply makeup on your eyebrows and gently blend, filling the outline.

We can offer you the perfect tool for both beginners and pros, and you will find something for yourself. Let Japanesbeauty be your number one resource for eyebrow makeup formulas.