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Japanese Aroma Masks - Attractive Prices & Excellent Quality

For centuries, aroma masks have been widely used to relieve stress and improve skin condition. Using the essential oils, you can relax your body after a hard day, create the right mood and even improve immunity. That is why aromatic oils are the key ingredients used in perfumes and skin care products.

Japanese aroma masks combine aromatherapy and SPA effect. To start a useful and enjoyable procedure, just open the package and put the mask on your face. Using this mask, your body will suddenly experience incredible bliss. Gradually heating up to 40˚C, the aroma mask relieves fatigue and improves skin condition.

Aroma Mask From Japan: How to Use

Japanese brands made all possible to make aroma mask easy to use and easy to apply. You don't need to have specialized knowledge to use it.

The mask contains the iron powder that reacts with oxygen and starts to heat up after you get the mask out of the package. It maintains a pleasant 40˚C temperature for about 10 minutes. For this reason, the aroma mask should be used immediately after opening.

Using aroma masks from Japan is incredibly comfortable and effective. It gently stimulates blood circulation in the skin, provides relaxation for body and mind. The muscles relax, tension and pressure are released, and the pain goes away.

What Japanese Aroma Masks Can You Buy Today?

In our online store, you can buy two types of aroma masks:

  • The eye mask is designed for those who spend a lot of time on the computer and suffer from eye fatigue. Also, this cosmetic novelty will be useful for women, who cares about the sensitive skin around the eyes. It moisturizes the skin making it feel hydrated and relaxed.
  • Relaxing compress is used to relax the neck. Such aroma masks from Japan maintain a pleasant 40˚C temperature for about 30 minutes. This helps you to let your muscles soften and relax.


Choose the right product for you and place an order today to experience a heavenly delight.