Eyeshadow Brushes


Eyeshadows. How do we, girls, love it. As for me, it is one of the essential things in the makeup look. A few touches and you look flawless. Creating amazing make-up, you need to use only high-quality tools. Let's see how to choose a perfect eyeshadow brush.

Using several colors, you can achieve a perfect shade, that will emphasize your eyes. Golden eyeshadows make us look innocent and cheerful, and the dark ones emphasize the beauty and depth of the eyes. Each color has its advantages. However, even if you are using the best shades, you can't make a perfect-looking makeup without using the high-quality brushes. Why? Because you can buy a fake, and all your efforts will be useless.

Eyeshadow Brushes - Buying Tips


There are three main things to consider when buying makeup brushes: convenience, quality, shape.

    • Convenience. The tool has to fit well in your hand. It is an essential part of creating a quality makeup.
    • Quality. Cheap brushes are bound to be nasty, but a hefty price tag doesn’t make something awesome either! Price can be a general indicator of quality, but it is not exclusive. Premium makeup brands sometimes charge a premium price for their brushes, but it doesn’t mean the brushes are quality tools.
    • Shape. Feel the bristles: they shouldn’t feel frayed or ragged, and they shouldn’t lose a mass of hair or break either. The bristles should be held in place by a seamless metal base (the “ferrule”) that doesn’t wobble or come detached, and the bristles should have a good shape. Bad makeup brushes will randomly shed hairs, fall apart after a few washes and won’t help to make beautiful make-up. Go for quality!


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