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Lash and Brow Serum. Is it Possible to Trick Nature?

woman with long lashes

Long and healthy lashes fit anyone. It’s a fact. Whatever the color of skin, eyes, and hair you have, well-groomed lashes and brows always make you look younger and add confidence. But not all of us have thick eyelashes and brows. What about people who aren’t so lucky? Japanesbeauty knows how to help you — we offer the best serums for lashes and brows at reasonable prices.

Japanese Offers

long lashesIn both cases, beauty products like serums, boosters, and so on help us look better. But the main point is that the product you buy must be superior.

One of the best serums in our online store is EPISTEME Lash Serum. It’s worth buying because it increases lash growth by activating dormant hair follicles, makes them thicker and longer while nourishing with useful nutrients, and improving blood circulation. This serum is also suitable for people allergic to regular beauty products.

Our second favorite serum is AVANCE LASH SERUM EX that protects lashes and brows and boosts their growth. It has a reasonable price and contains natural ingredients:

  • peony extract — helps to rejuvenate and lift skin on eyelids.
  • aloe vera extract — removes redness.
  • white willow extract — perfectly depuffs and reduces inflammation; has antiseptic properties.

The serum is suitable for brows as well. It has a reliable price and is a perfect option for those who love using natural products. AVANCE LASH SERUM EX has three main advantages:

  • protects from hurtful ingredients which may be contained in mascara, as well as from dust and UV-rays;
  • increases the elasticity of lashes and brows while making them more manageable;
  • boosts growth.

What Products for Lashes and Brows Except for Serum are Available in Japan?

Except for serum, you can also buy a styling wax. Keep in mind that you should use both nourishing and styling products to look gorgeous. At Japanesbeauty, you can buy all of these things at reliable prices with worldwide delivery to any country.