Japanese Toothbrush: Superior Quality for Your Teeth


A beautiful smile is a goal for any of us. Though, many people don’t pay much attention to their oral health. This usually leads to serious diseases and other conditions that can’t be treated at home. As all of us know, dentistry services cost a lot, and taking into account that these procedures are painful, it’s fair to say that prevention is better than cure.

The first step you should take to get a beautiful smile is buying a new toothbrush. If you want to buy a good toothbrush at a low price, visit Japanesbeauty.

Ionic Toothbrush: Innovation from Japan

An ionic toothbrush is a product that definitely deserves your attention. Having the same design as a regular toothbrush, it differs with a metal rod covered by titanium dioxide.

When this rod is connected to a battery, negatively charged ions start regenerating. Thanks to them, pH level in the oral cavity normalizes, which is highly important for people that don’t have an opportunity to brush their teeth for 4 minutes.

Also, it’s a good option for kids that don’t like brushing their teeth. Probably every kid goes through a period of poor hygiene. Sometimes they don’t even want to take a bath, let alone tooth brushing. If your child is one of such moody ones, buy them the ionic toothbrush. Yes, the price for it is higher, though the result is better.

Plus, Japanese ionic toothbrushes help get rid of bad breath as they change the negative charge of our teeth to a positive one, thereby making plaque easy to remove.

One more benefit of an ionic toothbrush is that having bought it once, you will need to replace only a head that has a lower price than the whole tool. At Japanesbeauty, you will find replacement heads for toothbrushes for both adults and kids.

Japanese Toothbrush for the Whole Family

girl brushing her teethAnother popular product in our assortment is an ultrasound toothbrush by Soladey. It not only has a reliable price but also helps:

  1. get rid of plaque
  2. whiten teeth
  3. kill harmful bacteria

This toothbrush doesn’t damage gums and helps inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria that not only cause bad odor but also are one of the causes of:

  • tooth decay
  • stomatitis
  • angina

A toothbrush from Japan is a perfect option for all family members. Buy it at a good price now to take care of your oral cavity health and save your money on dentistry services.