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Pumice stone for feet

Grater for a pedicure to buy - pamper your legs

Gentle smooth skin of feet, soft silky heels - this is the dream of every woman, not indifferent to her appearance. But modern life dictates its conditions. Most of the day has to be spent on legs, and there is less time left for careful care.

As a result, the skin on the legs coarsens, it often forms corns and corns. Fortunately, these problems are not a verdict. The grater for a pedicure to buy which can not leave the house, will become an indispensable assistant in the care of the skin of the feet. It gently affects the heels and feet, and helps to get rid of the coarsened skin professionally.

Grater for a pedicure or pumice - what are the differences?

Not so long ago, the choice of tools for foot care was modest. To get rid of the burrs, you could buy a pumice stone for legs - as a rule, nothing was found in the assortment except for it. But today's variety is impressive: all kinds of pedals for pedicure appeared on sale. What are they different from the usual pumice stone?

If you ever used a pumice stone, you know that before the procedure, the legs need to be properly steam out. And only after carefully and carefully processed to remove the keratinized layer, without damaging the skin.

The pedicure trowel saves time, which is often not enough. She perfectly copes with dry coarse skin, and therefore the need for preliminary steaming is eliminated.

Japanese terochki have a different surface abrasivity. Therefore, you can choose a grater, suitable for your skin. If the skin very quickly coarsens and often hairs are formed, choose a larger abrasive that quickly removes the dead skin of the epidermis. Such a grater will suit both those who take care of their feet from time to time - just a few minutes, and your legs like after a salon.

A grater with a shallower surface is suitable for regular maintenance. She delicately processes the heels, bringing them to the ideal state. In addition, some brands produce double-sided graters. A large abrasive is used for the basic treatment of cornified skin, and a small one is used for gentle grinding at the end of the procedure.

And do not forget the final touch - a moisturizer or another foot cream. This must be done regardless of what was used - a grater for a pedicure or a pumice stone.

Buy pumice stone for legs - which one to prefer?

If you are a fan of traditional care tools and prefer pumice to fashionable graters, you will also be in for a surprise. Even this, proven by centuries, Japanese cosmeticians could improve. Therefore, before buying buy pumice for feet , it is worth to familiarize yourself with the different options and choose the most suitable one.

In addition to natural pumice, they are now producing synthetic, made of polyurethane foam. It has a fine-pore structure, and therefore cares for the skin of the feet more delicately than its natural counterpart. Typically, such pumice contains various active substances that make foot care the most effective.

  • Hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the epithelium and activates the regeneration of its cells. After using pumice with hyaluron, the skin is moistened and rejuvenated.

  • Charcoal, as a rule - bamboo, a good option for those who struggle with sweating feet. It has a bactericidal effect, and quickly copes with microorganisms that cause unpleasant foot odor.

  • Silk extract will please those who dream of perfect heels. The natural protein produced by the mulberry silkworm gives the skin tenderness and smoothness.

As you can see, legs like a salon at home - it's real! You need to decide what is right for you: buy a pumice stone or a pedicure grater to buy, and do not be lazy to regularly use the chosen tool. And everything else has already been taken care of by Japanese beauticians.