Brush Sets

A set of professional brushes for make-up from Japan - tools that fascinate

If you want to apply make-up you can do it without tools at all, avoiding the pads of your fingers. But if you want to get not a "military coloring", but an impeccable make-up, you should use special brushes. If you have not used similar accessories before, you will probably have many questions:

  • take one or two brushes for a sample or immediately purchase a set of professional makeup brushes

  • only the main brushes will be enough or it's worth to buy everything that the producers offer

  • give preference to brand products or save and choose budget analogues

  • which brushes should be used - natural or synthetic

A set of makeup brushes to buy is definitely better than buying one brush. The contents of the kit are chosen so that you have all the necessary tools for make-up. You can only decide on which set to stop - the minimum, suitable for home use, or professional, including brushes of various shapes and sizes.

What kind of makeup brushes to buy, so as not to be mistaken?

First of all, it depends on the cosmetics that you are used to using for daily and evening make-up. The more extensive the arsenal of jars, tubes and boxes, the more tools you need for makeup.

At a minimum, the set should include the following types of brushes:

  • Flat oval brush - with its help you quickly and evenly distribute on the skin cosmetic products of cream texture. Such a tool is ideal for applying base and foundation.

  • A large round or conical brush is needed for the pressed or crumbly powder. With this accessory you will cover all areas of the face with powder, achieving the desired effect - from a dense layer to a light translucent shade.


  • A brush of medium size, oval shape will help to apply blush on cheekbones and carefully shade them, creating the most natural appearance.


  • Several brushes may be needed for shadows. With the help of a tool with beveled hard nap it is convenient to draw graphic arrows and create bright accents. A soft oval brush is useful to put shadows on the eyelid and shade them, achieving soft transitions.


  • The eyebrow tool must also be part of the set of professional makeup brushes . The shape of the brush and the stiffness of the hair choose, based on your preferences for eyebrows. A short hard brush will help draw a clear contour and fill the necessary areas with a pigment. If you prefer to just shade a little and emphasize the eyebrows, give preference to a softer brush.

  • The lip brush will help you complete the image - with it, you will carefully apply lipstick or shine, giving the lips a clear outline and volume.


  • A brush for a highlighter will not be necessary for everyone, but if you use this cosmetic, take care that the necessary tool is in the kit. With the help of a special brush you will quickly work out the necessary zones, adding a radiance to the image.

If you have already decided which brush set for makeup to buy , add it to the basket and place an order. And if you have any questions, ask the consultant - we will help you choose the right set.