Rohto - reliable protection of children's eyes

Rohto eye drops are considered by ophthalmologists to be an excellent treatment to relieve eye fatigue. The composition of the remedy includes several ingredients of different actions, which together affect the eyes, solving several problems at the same time.

Rohto Eye Drops can:

- relieve fatigue;

- protect eyes from exposure to UV radiation;

- contribute tovisual acuity, improving blood circulation;

- relieve inflammation of the membranes of the eyes;

- have an antibacterial effect;

- prevent the occurrence of allergies.

When should Rohto eye drops be used?

Rohto eye drops are made for those who have several hours of work in front of a computer screen, as well as for those who have been driving for a long time.

Also, Rohto drops are recommended for people experiencing eye strain or working outdoors in the sun. After using Rohto drops you will immediately feel a pleasant freshness of the eyes, because this product has a freshness factor of 6, meaning a high level of freshness of the eyes after application.

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