Inochi No Haha Mother of Life - to balance your hormones from the leading Japanese brand Kobayashi

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A woman’s body is a unique, balanced organism that constantly changes at different age stages. Two hormones - estrogen and progesterone, control the state of women's health: from the onset of menarche, during pregnancy and childbirth, and until menopause.
Estrogen is synthesized in the ovaries from 8-9 years, and the amount of secretion reaches its peak in the middle of 30 years of age. After this, the ovarian function decreases, the amount of estrogen gradually decreases, and after 40 years it sharply fades away.

Estrogens play an important role in the body of a woman and affect not only the possibility of conception and birth of a child. Also:

  • Regulate bone metabolism, provide bone strength and protection against osteoporosis.
  • Responsible for cognition, memory, thinking and other functions of the central nervous system.
  • They influence the skin’s moisture, maintain its elasticity, regulate the formation of skin collagen, hair growth.⠀

Decreased estrogen and progesterone levels lead to menopause. But this is not the only problem. Even a slight decrease in the level of sex hormones can trigger the aging process and the development of age-related diseases.

What is usually prescribed during menopause?

  • Sometimes hormone replacement therapy. But with the wrong dosage, treatment can have side effects up to the development of oncology.
  • More often - nothing. Doctors just offer to wait until the unpleasant symptoms of menopause “go away”.

And millions of women for years suffer from hot flashes, nervous breakdowns, premature aging and a dozen other symptoms that accompany hormonal imbalance.

What secret do Japanese women know?

In fact, there is no secret. It’s just that the Japanese take a responsible attitude to their health and timely support it. Therefore, having crossed the 40-year milestone, almost every woman begins to take natural plant-based products designed to restore hormonal balance. Such pills do not contain hormones, but naturally stimulate their synthesis in the body.

Inochi No Haha from the Kobayashi brand is the most popular remedy in Japan. Also, they call it - Mother Of Life. And this name is not accidental - it really prolongs life and strengthens women's health. The fact that several generations of Japanese women have been choosing Mother of Life for more than a century is the best proof.

A small overview of the history

For the first time, the Mother of Life was heard in 1903. Shozo Sasaoka, a pharmacist and doctor, independently studied the basics of traditional Chinese medicine Kampo, compiled his own original recipes and with their help treated patients.

He was the grandson of a gynecologist, he saw from a young age how women who came to his grandfather for help suffer from hormonal disbalance. And, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Shouzo dreamed of creating a medicine that would help every woman in such a delicate matter.

The result of many years of research and experimentation was "Mother of Life" - an unparalleled remedy for women's health and longevity.

Over a century of history, the complex has been constantly refined and improved. Now it is a unique synergy of centuries-old traditions, the latest scientific discoveries and powerful advanced technologies:

  • In 1903, the product was a herbal elixir with a bitter taste
  • In 1952, a tablet form was released
  • Since 1957, the medicine was placed in a shell - such a capsule had a neutral taste.
  • In 1967 vitamins were included in the complex
  • In 2005, the composition of the medicine was improved, which allowed to more effectively deal with hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause.

The remedy supports all the functions of the female body, but first of all, it puts hormones in order and mitigates the symptoms of menopause.

  • Restores the optimal natural level of sex hormones
  • Normalizes the cycle and eliminates pain
  • Fights with the symptoms of menopause: mood swings, neurosis, sleep disturbances, hot flashes
  • Improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs
  • Positive effect on the nervous system, memory, prevents chronic fatigue and depression
  • Used in the complex treatment of cervical erosion

Mother of Life in white - for hormonal balance at a young age

Unfortunately, hormonal disbalance occurs not only in mature women. Even young girls can suffer from it. And then there are menstrual irregularities, neurosis, PMS, severe pain during menstruation.

The creators of medicine delved into the issues of women's health and hormones. As a result, the Mother of Life in white was presented. The jar with a delicate blue and white design hides the salvation of all women who know what is PMS, menstruation delays, skin rashes, depression, and neurosis amid hormonal failure.

This remedy relieves the symptoms caused by the imbalance of female hormones and disorders of the autonomic nervous system during menstruation, pregnancy and the postpartum period. The composition of the product included eleven types of medicinal herbs that promote blood circulation, eliminate chills, relieve pain during menstruation, headache and lower back pain. Also, the Life Mother in white normalizes the menstrual cycle, prevents irritability and a sharp change in mood, as well as other symptoms of PMS.

Which Mother of Life is right for you?

Campo’s Oriental Traditional Medicine claims that menopause and various physiological problems are associated with an imbalance between “Air” - mental health, “Blood” - blood circulation, and “Water” - the body’s water balance. The phytotherapeutic properties of the white and red “Mother of Life” are based on plant extracts that restore the perfect balance between “Air”, “Blood” and “Water”.

The white “Mother of Life” contains extracts of medicinal plants that normalize blood circulation and water balance, stabilize the menstrual cycle, and also fight the symptoms of PMS, irritability, menstrual pain, heaviness in the head, and so on. The remedy is suitable for both young girls and adult women, up to the age of 40.

The red “Mother of Life” will be effective in combating menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, muscle pain, and headache. It contains plant extracts that are used to normalize mood and improve the functioning of the nervous system. The red Mother of Life will take care of the hormonal balance during menopause and will allow prolonging youth. This remedy is recommended for women aged 40 years and older, but it can also be taken in the presence of the above symptoms regardless of age.