Under-Eye Patches

Why do you Need to use Eye Patches?

gold eye patches

"You look so tired" is not what we want to hear from our relatives, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, isn’t it? Dark circles and bags under your eyes can make you look 5-10 years older than you are. There is no doubt that they are natural things, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fight them. After all, a wish to look healthy is absolutely normal. But how to reach it?

How do Eye Patches Work?

Eye patches are small masks consisting of tissue soaked with a nourishing solution. You can buy them to boost the effectiveness of cream or use them separately. In both cases, they are worth the price.

The most effective eye patches are made in Japan. Japanese brands add natural and safe ingredients to the formulas and ensure the safety of the products they produce. That’s why you can buy Japanese eye patches even if you have sensitive skin. At Japanesbeauty, you can order different types of eye patches at reliable prices.

tissue under eye patchesThere are five reasons to buy eye patches from Japan except for the price:

  1. Provide a moisturizing effect
  2. Depuff the skin
  3. Reduce bags under the eyes
  4. Nourish with vitamins and other nutrients
  5. Minimize the appearance of wrinkles

No matter how much money you have, at Japanesbeauty, you can order eye patches at the lowest prices.

These products are a perfect option for those who want to deeply nourish the skin. As we said earlier, they are made of cotton tissue and concentrated serum. This serum contains beneficial vitamins and other nutrients that help rejuvenate, moisturize and refresh the skin.

Japanese eye patches work the same as tissue masks. They lock in the active ingredients between tissue and skin, thus helping cells to absorb more components than from a regular cream. Nevertheless, we recommend using both patches and eye creams.

Don’t be alarmed to nourish your skin too much. Skin under eyes absorbs everything like a sponge. Taking care of it every day will help you get gorgeous, perfect-looking eye makeup. And if you choose the right product, you can forget about dryness and peeling after using a concealer or foundation.

Five Rules to use Eye Patches Properly

  1. eye patches with gelDo not apply cream or serum before using patches. Always apply them after. Otherwise, you will see no result.
  2. Apply patches so many times as you want. Just remember to use new ones after each application.
  3. Use them together with masks with strong exfoliating properties, for example, with retinol. They will protect thin skin under eyes and prevent peeling.
  4. Always read instructions before using any new product. If you think you can buy new eye patches and do everything like always, you are wrong. Japanese skincare products have strict recommendations which you should follow. Otherwise, you will see no result or, in the worst case, damage your skin.
  5. Do not heat or cool eye patches before usage. Even cooling patches won’t work if they were stored improperly.

Another important rule is that you should buy eye patches only from brands you trust. It’s better to pay more and buy a high-quality product than pay less and get an allergic reaction. The price is an important thing. Over 21 centuries, we managed to fly into space, conquer the mighty ocean and reach the bowels of the Earth. But some people still can’t play by the rules, so the market is full of fakes.

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