Japanese Beauty Products: Your Secret of Youthless

woman takes care of her skin

Blowing skin has become a trend not so long time ago. But do you know who was one of the first nations who made it a goal? The right answer is the Japanese. “Blowing” means soft, bright, and clean skin without wrinkles, and Asian women know how to get it by using the right beauty products.

What is their secret? Skincare is a vital daily ritual in Japan. They got used to taking care of skin with gentleness and love. Usually, we buy beauty products just for cleansing, lotioning and moisturizing, though Japanese women use at least seven beauty products daily. As you can see, the price is not the most important thing for Asian women when it comes to taking care of skin and beauty. Nevertheless, in our online store, you can buy Japanese beauty products at a reasonable price.

Beauty Products From Japan: Taking Care of Skin Step by Step

If you want to buy Japanese beauty products, it’s crucial to know how to use them properly. As we said, the Japanese skincare routine has particular advantages and features.

under-eye cream applicationUse these tips to apply Japanese beauty products effectively:

  1. Remove makeup. It’s one of the most important steps, and for many of us — the hardest. You might think that makeup removal ends up with using cleansing foam or gel wash? No, it doesn’t. To remove makeup properly, you should use either hydrophilic oil or micellar water. If you don’t know what beauty product to buy, pay attention to Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil and Shiseido BENEFIQUE Douce Make Cleansing Oil. They have different prices so that everyone can choose the best beauty product for their skin.
  2. Cleanse the skin. Now we need to cleanse the skin of dust and makeup remover we used at the first step. If you like feeling your skin healthy and clear, we recommend you buying a foaming net and use it with your favorite beauty product for skin cleansing.
  3. Exfoliate dead skin cells. Using scrub or exfoliator at least 1-2 days per week will make your skin soft and velvety. The main rule — draw it mild. Want to buy an effective beauty product at a reasonable price? Then Kao Biore Skin Care Facial Refreshment Scrub IN is the best choice for you.
  4. cream applicationApply toner. The next step after removing makeup is toner. Using this beauty product helps to normalize natural pH balance. For those, who want to buy a luxurious Japanese beauty product, Kanebo Chicca Blissful Night and Day Refreshing is an ideal pick.
  5. Nourish your face. To nourish the skin with moisture and increase cell regeneration, apply essence. At Japanesbeauty, you can buy nourishing beauty products for any skin type at a reasonable price. Just type “essence” in the search line.
  6. Boost useful effects. To obtain the best result, use a serum after the fifth step. Choose moisturizing serum for dry skin and mattifying one for oily skin. You don’t have to use a serum, but it’s advisable.
  7. Take care of skin under eyes. Using eye cream is so vital as using a moisturizing beauty product for the entire face surface. Do not skip this step if you want to have supple skin in the future. Especially considering its price.
  8. Moisturize. Keep in mind that using moisturizing beauty products is essential for both dry and oily skin.

The main advantage of Japanese beauty products is natural and dermatologist-tested formulas. It’s a perfect option for all skin types and women of different colors, nations, and ages.

Beauty in Asia: What Else do They use?

Makeup is as important as skincare. Makeup has to be high-quality and safe, and Japanese makeup products fit both of these requirements.

Whether you want to look like a geisha or a businesswoman from Wall-street, Japanese makeup products will help you create a perfect look.

At Japanesbeauty, you can buy both beauty and makeup products with worldwide delivery directly from Japan. We offer the lowest prices and the best brands only.