Powder Brushes


Do you want to know how to apply powder correctly? You might think that it is enough to take the first one brush from the cosmetic bag and apply powder on the face, but you are wrong. Only beginners act like that. Pro makeup artists use a special powder brush to emphasize the natural beauty.

Do not neglect the purchase of this accessory. The high-quality brush will ensure a smooth application of powder. It is an essential step in creating incredible makeup. Our online store offers you high-quality brushes for every taste.

Powder Brush - Choose The Perfect Tool

Take a look at tools of different sizes, shapes, and densities and choose the best one.

There are a few things to consider when buying makeup brushes:

Shape. There are different types of powder brushes and different ways to use them, depending on what effect you're waiting.

  • Round Powder Brush. This brush is perfect for bronzer and compact powder. The bristles are less packed and able to gather a good deal of powder and hold not out until you apply it to your skin. Look for a large, soft, rounded tip.
  • Oval Brush. Will quickly and evenly apply the powder to the skin without clogging the pores.
  • Fan Brush. Helps to clean up a fallen product or gently apply powders and highlighters on your cheekbones, temples, and cupids bow.


Size. A medium-sized brush for powder with a short handle will provide more pressure than a long handle brush. Using such a brush allow to hide and conceals skin imperfections.

If you need to apply a thin powder layer, give preference to a large fluffy brush with the long handle.

Your perfect brush can be made of natural or synthetic hair. If you prefer to use dry powder, use natural brushes made of sable, squirrels, ponies or goats. If you suffer from allergies, use a natural brush only after visiting a doctor, or give preference to a synthetic brush.

Synthetic hair is made of polyester or nylon. Durability and practicality distinguish such brushes. They do not require special care and can be used for both dry cosmetic products and liquid or creamy texture.

In our online store, you can choose the perfect high-quality brush. All tools are designed by leading Japanese brands. Choose a brush, and make sure that creating an ideal makeup is easy!