Foot Files & Pumice Stones

Foot File From Japan for Your Baby Soft Heels

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Smooth feet and soft heels are a dream for any beautyholic. Since we all spend the main part of the day on the move, cracked heels are common for many of us.

If you want to get baby-smooth heels, you need to use foot files regularly. One of the best products, in this case, is Japanese foot files that you can buy at low prices at Japanesbeauty. You can place an order from any country in the world and get it in several days directly from Japan!

Foot File or Pumice Stone?

soft heelsIn the recent past, choosing good pedicure tools was a tough task. The only thing that could help you remove calluses was a pumice stone. Actually, usually, there wasn’t anything at a low price that worked great for strong corns but pumice stones in the shops. Though today you have a lot of offers to choose from, and one of the best is foot files. But what is the difference between these two?

Using a foot file, you can save the free time you are always lacking of. It works great for rough skin, so you don’t need to soak your feet for a long time before using it.

Plus, talking about Japanese foot files at reliable prices, it should be said that they have various degrees of abrasiveness. Thus, you can buy a file that meets your skin’s needs perfectly and is available at a good price. If your skin is very rough and you have strong corns, buy a tool with a lower abrasiveness. It will quickly remove all dead cells. The rigid files are also a great option for people who don’t care about their feet a lot and often just skip their foot care routine. Only five minutes, and your skin will be baby soft.

If beauty routine is an important part of your life, buy a foot file with a higher degree of abrasiveness. They work softly on sensitive skin and make it as smooth as never before.

Some brands also offer two-sided foot files with low and high degrees of abrasiveness that are perfect for both sensitive areas and strong corns. They usually have the same prices as one-sided foot files, but it depends on the brand.

Don’t forget about the final step — applying a moisturizer. Using a moisturizer after treating the coarsened foot skin is VERY important if you don’t want your skin to be dry and extra sensitive. When you are using a foot file or a pumice stone, your skin becomes thinner what means it needs more hydration to prevent the damage.

If you want to take care of your skin effectively, buy a nourishing cream with avocado or olive. For those with very sensitive skin, we recommend buying a pumice stone instead of a file.

No matter what you choose, both of these options are available at Japanesbeauty at the best prices!

How to Choose a Japanese Pumice Stone?

If you are a fan of traditional beauty tools and prefer using a pumice stone, we have what to offer you. Before buying a pumice stone at a good price, we recommend you to look at the full list of products we have and choose the best one.

silky smooth feetBesides natural pumice stones, you can also order a synthetic one made of polyurethane foam. Thanks to the foam structure, it softens skin without damaging it. Usually, pumice stones made of polyurethane contain various beauty ingredients that work great for skin:

  1. HA maintains water balance, softens, and prevents dryness. After using a pumice stone with this ingredient, your skin will be moisturized and smooth.
  2. Pumice stones with charcoal are a great option for those with excessive sweating. Bamboo charcoal has an antibacterial effect and kills bacteria that make your feet smell bad.
  3. Collagen extract makes skin silky smooth.

As you see, getting smooth and soft heels at home is simple and quick with Japanese pumice stones and foot files at good prices. All you need to buy a pumice stone or foot file is choosing the right product and placing an order at Japanesbeauty!