Plasters for elimination of toxins

Foot patches detox: change the legs beyond recognition

To few people today, the fact that our feet need care too. They stand all our whole, are the support and support. We take them for granted. And meanwhile, they also need attention.

Japanese antibacterial detox-patches with quinquithiolum will become a true salvation. They are advantageously distinguished by anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and antifungal properties. Thanks to the quinokitiol, which is part of the band-aid, it will be soon:

  • Health is restored
  • Improves immunity, memory, sleep, metabolism, circulation
  • Rejuvenating effect seen
  • Blood pressure is normalized

Adhesive patches for toxin removal will be quite effective in swelling, joint diseases, rheumatic diseases, the consequences of various sports injuries, as well as pain in the spine, lower back and muscles. For those who suffer from chronic hepatitis, good news: you can forget about general fatigue and lethargy. Do not believe me? You'll see for yourself after a few uses!

Down with insomnia

If you have trouble sleeping, then detox-patches with lavender will become a true salvation. A healthy and strong sleep will become the norm. Detox-plasters with lavender remove toxic substances from the human body. Convenient and easy to use, they show excellent results. A pleasant lavender aroma will help calm down, relaxing after a hard day.

Detox foot patches are convenient to glue, easy to remove. A full-fledged sleep will surely please you. In the online store OKNOiinjapan you will find a lot of interesting and useful for yourself and for your loved ones. From excellent cosmetics, to BAD, magnetic necklaces, products for children, painkillers, virus-blockers and even eye drops. It should be noted that the cost will also pleasantly surprise you.

One thing is certain: in Japan they know exactly how to take care of health and beauty. And today you are offered a wide range of all sorts of novelties for every taste. Nobody will feel deprived. Enjoy your shopping, excellent health and a sound sleep!