Sun protection to buy for children - tender care for your child's health

Summer ... we are so waiting for this time of year. Period of holidays and family rest. In this impulse and desire to leave from obsessive workdays, we often forget about the most important thing - health. Yes, yes, because it can be negatively affected by the summer sun. Uncovered head - and a sunstroke is provided to us. And children's skin ... it is so tender, subject to the penetration of ultraviolet rays much stronger than the adult. So parents should choose only the best sunscreen of children. These, however, are the products from Japanese manufacturers.

Take for example the company ROHTO. Sun protection Milk ROHTO MAMAHAGU SPF37 / PA +++ - the ideal product for any kid. It contains hyaluronic acid and carnosine. Due to this the skin of the child is not only protected, but also saturated with moisture. And in our time to keep it pretty hard.

There are no milk in jelly:

  • organic ultraviolet absorbent
  • mineral oils
  • alcohol (ethanol)

The product is absolutely hypoallergenic. Sunscreen products of children, presented in our store, also perfectly suited for adults with sensitive skin. The light aroma of eucalyptus is pleasant to use. Such a Sunscreen is valid for three hours. Remove it from the skin with soap.

Remember, summer is a dangerous time of year, although a favorite. And caring for the baby's skin should be a priority this season.