Japanese Foundation: Your Must-Have for a Flawless Makeup


Makeup became an everyday routine a long time ago. Every day you wake up, sleepily crawl to a sink, fresh up, drink a cup of coffee and start applying makeup.

The Best for Your Skin

woman with makeupWhatever makeup you choose: from light and natural to waterproof and full-covered, any of them won’t look complete without even and natural skin color. Choosing a foundation is a hard thing. Unfortunately, many of us got used to another idea: we just go to the nearest store, quickly look at the shelves and buy the first foundation we saw.

It is not the best option since if you buy a foundation that doesn’t suit your skin type or color, you will look cakey, greasy, and ridiculous. Furthermore, such a bad choice may damage not only your look but also your skin.

Let’s be honest. How many times have you read an ingredient list before buying a foundation? The main advantage of online shopping (except for a price, of course) is that before ordering something, you can read an ingredient list.

Usually, we don’t pay attention to it, though some makeup may cause an allergy or even burns. That’s why you should pay attention to dermatologist-tested and high-quality cosmetics only. At Japanesbeauty, you can order a just-right-for-you foundation with worldwide delivery and for a low price.

How to Choose the Right Foundation?

woman with foundationThere are some tips you should consider if you want to find a high-quality foundation at a reasonable price that will perfectly fit your skin type and color.

  1. Even the best foundation can’t replace a skincare routine. If you have peeling skin with plenty of breakouts and wrinkles, makeup won’t help you hide them. Buy a high-quality gel, toner, lotion, and moisturizer to get rid of skin imperfections.
  2. Apply the foundation with a thin layer. If you need to conceal dark circles under the eyes or some breakouts, you should better order a concealer. It has a lower price than a foundation and is intended for thin under-eye skin.
  3. Consider your skin type. For those with dry skin, we recommend buying a moisturizing foundation with hyaluronic acid. If you have oily skin, order a mattifying product that will help to avoid greasy shine.
  4. When buying a foundation, consider your face color, not body color.
  5. Foundations may have light, medium, or full coverage. You can choose a product with any type of coverage, though if you are not an artist, pay attention to light-weight foundations.

If you don’t know what cosmetics to buy, feel free to text your managers on the website, FB or Instagram. They will help you to choose a just-right-for-you foundation at a reliable price that will perfectly fit your skin type and color.