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Japanese cosmetics, food and health products online store


Quality, safety, usefulness, high level of service - almost every cosmetic and supplements online store says about it. We know how endless assurances about “completely exclusive service”, “individual approach” and others are tiring.

In fact, very often everything turns out to be a soap bubble and complete disagreement with loud statements.

“JapanesBeauty” will open 5 ways

The online store “JapanesBeauty” (owned by the Japanese company, registered in Toyama Prefecture) sells Japanese products for health, beauty, and everyday use. With the opening of this website in 2018, people from all over the world just like the Japanese are able to make online purchases of Japanese goods made for the domestic market.

The basic life principle of the Japanese ikigai is: “That which gives pleasure and joy, fills life with meaning, moves us forward and gives us an incentive to continue.” We have identified five components that make a person’s life and, especially, a woman happier and more fulfilled:

  • Staying healthy - the ability to maintain good health;
  • Being beautiful - access to cosmetics that don't impair health and don't have negative side effects;
  • Feel young - energetic, active life regardless of your age;
  • Feel love and importance - take care of loved ones, give and receive love;
  • Living comfortably - surround yourself with life-facilitating objects and means that turn the routine of everyday life into pleasure.

There are main departments in our store:

  1. Health — maintaining a high level of humoral and cellular immunity with the help of new and traditional nutraceuticals produced using the most advanced technologies;
  2. Cosmetics — a carefully selected assortment of the best cosmetics in Japan;
  3. Food - natural products that don't contain harmful additives and prolong life;

Традиционно, косметика ассоциируется с внешней красотой, однако в Японии внешнюю красоту воспринимают как продолжение внутренней красоты.

Был придуман даже специальный термин コ ス メ シ, который сокращенно означает «cosme meshi» — «косметическая еда», то есть пища, обладающая эффектом красоты.

Our customers ask: “Why are cosmetics from Japan adjacent to supplements and food?”.

We have a simple answer. Traditionally, cosmetics are associated with external beauty, but in Japan, external beauty is perceived as a continuation of internal beauty.

Even there is a special term コ ス メ シ, which in short means “cosme meshi” - “cosmetic food”, that is food with a beauty effect.

Indeed, after all, creams, masks, and lotions are nothing but food for the skin.

We remove risks taking care of the client

Along with the rapid development of online sales, there are more risks than in the off-line market for the buyer - the discrepancy of the goods, damage during delivery, loss of time and nervous energy when filing complaints, returns, etc. .


We offer to order online in our store “JapanesBeauty” and enjoy the absence of the mentioned troubles.

As a matter of honor, our customers are always protected from:

  1. fakes, poor quality or defective goods;
  2. inattention during the purchasing process and indifferent attitude after the purchase;
  3. discomfort during registration, payment and reception process;
  4. unproductive loss of time and spoiled mood.

For the employees of our company, there are no primary and secondary customers - each customer is important to us, and we treat all inquiries responsibly and with the utmost care.

Every day, thousands of customers receive full support from us no matter what the question is.

Quality first

In our catalog, you will find products of the best manufacturers, made only for the domestic market of Japan.

It is known that the quality of Japanese health products is the best in the world. We offer only premium products that have been proven effective in Japan.

But, even among this triumph of quality, there are eternal bestsellers that have become popular a long time ago. In Japan, products with characteristics superior to analogs and without side effects are officially recognized as first-class products.

Such products (many of them can be purchased only in Japan) include:

  • Melsmon - a unique extract that promotes collagen synthesis and cell regeneration;
  • Squalane - resists skin aging;
  • Lactis - an immune-enhancing extract of 16 unique lactobacilli, fermented throughout the year;
  • Fucoidan - an antioxidant, antitumor, antiviral and antiulcer agent, a regulator of cholesterol and blood sugar.

The products presented in our store are of 100% Japanese origin. All over the world it is recognized and confirmed that the quality of the active ingredients of Japanese products for health is much better compared to European and American counterparts. As a result, their use has a pronounced effective effect.

An important role is also played by the fact that all products in Japan are produced in modern factories using state-of-the-art technologies and nano-cleaning methods. Japanese kaizen philosophy (continuous improvement) is applied in all factories with the goal of continuous improvement of production methods and, ultimately, the quality of products that improve the quality of life.

JapanesBeauty also adheres to the principles of kaizen. We offer not just a good product, but a philosophical, spiritual, cultural, historical Japanese tradition embodied in a product.

Please note . Description of goods significantly exceeds the standard format of “product card” in terms of volume and depth of information disclosure. Moreover, in many descriptions there are nuances and even secrets that we are generously prepared to share with our customers!

A delightful variety

There are more than 6,000 items in the JapanesBeauty online store, and each item in our catalog has been selected from thousands of similar products and grouped into the following categories:

  1. Health products - in sections of this group you can always find something useful.
  2. Japanese cosmetics - SHISEIDO, FANCL, Kanebo and more than 100 other manufacturers represent about 3,000 beauty products.
  3. Supplements and herbs - the availability of the world's best supplements is now just a click away. Not every Japanese online store can please with such a variety.
  4. Food - health begins with food, and you can verify this by tasting the products in this section.

In fact, becoming our customer, you will never need to look for something better in other stores.

Why Japanese products?

Over the past forty years, the number of Japanese people aged 65 and over has almost quadrupled to 33 million (26% of the Japanese population). Today, a record 68,000 people 100-year-old or more live in the land of the rising sun.

Life expectancy in Japan is 84 years. And this is the age of old people who are not bedridden - this is the age of active energetic people!

Such longevity of the Japanese is primarily associated with the philosophy of nutrition, which is the root cause of good health and long active life.

The Japanese take care of their health in countless ways, and dietary supplements from natural ingredients (nutraceuticals) first appeared here.

Numerous factors and constant temptations to eat unhealthy, processed foods contribute to our failure to receive an adequate volume of necessary substances. In addition, the food quality is deteriorating due to soil erosion, cultivation, pollution, and changes in agricultural practices.

In today's high pace and densified traffic of life, healthy food, nutritional supplements, and vitamins have become a necessity, compensating for the deficiency of amino acids, trace elements, and other important elements. The best evidence of the effectiveness of such forms of healthy eating is the record for Japan's active longevity associated with the increasing use of dietary supplements.

How long does it take us to process your order?

It takes us 2-7 business days to process your order. Why so long? Because we do not store the stock of goods in our warehouse for a long time, our customers receive fresh goods with a maximum shelf life.

Is this an advantage for the customer? In case of the purchase at JapanesBeauty - yes!

What guarantees do we provide?

The company “JapanesBeauty”, following the principle of kettlebell (the requirement to fulfill one person’s obligations to another), provides only those guarantees that can fulfill:

- all packages are insured, and we are 100% responsible for the safe delivery of orders;

- purchasing goods directly from manufacturers additionally guarantees the fulfillment of our obligations in terms of price, timing, quality.

The high standard of requirements for the guaranteed fulfillment of their obligations allowed the JapanesBeauty online store to send thousands of products to customers over more than 2 years of successful work. During this time, thousands of customers, for the most part, have become our regular customers.

Promotions and Gifts

We always happy to create a positive mood, which means, from the point of view of health, a favorable psychological background, since:

We often have 10-20% off the price discounts.

High quality plus key benefits - what could be better?

Despite the fact that in Japan, all products undergo multi-stage inspections during production, all products sold in the JapanesBeauty online store, without exception, pass laboratory tests and have official certificates. We will be able to meet our customer’s expectations, as we are confident that Japanese products:

- bring maximum benefit, justifying every penny spent;

- absolutely safe;

- really improve health and prolong life.

Choosing Japanese cosmetics and health products on the website “JapanesBeauty” can satisfy the most demanding visitor. And we strive to make such a visitor to our regular customer, as we know how important the key points for making a purchase:

  • Quality assurance.
  • The receipt of the order is strictly on time.
  • Impeccable support at every stage of the purchase.

Высокая планка требований к гарантированному выполнению своих обязательств, позволила интернет-магазину OknoinJapan, более чем за пять лет успешной работы, отправить покупателям сотни тысяч товаров. За это время тысячи клиентов в большинстве своём стали нашими постоянными покупателями.

We are always in touch with our customers

The selling process is a dialogue between the customer and the seller. It’s not a secret, there are always questions that require additional communication.

To ensure efficient communication, specialists of the online store JapanesBeauty are constantly improving the functionality and ease of navigation (usability) on the site

We have created convenient and fast communication methods:

  • Register (this does not oblige you to anything, and filling out a few fields will take exactly 30 seconds) and you will see how easy to navigate through your personal account - everything is always at hand!
  • Join us in the most common social networks.
  • Write to our customer support team in a convenient and quick online form.
  • Let us know in any way available on the website about your questions and wishes. We are ready to help!

According to the best Japanese trading traditions, our customers are the most important part of our work and JapanesBeauty philosophy puts customers and relationships with them first.