Japanese Sunscreen: Reliable Protection Against UV-rays

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There are plenty of sunscreens we can buy in shops. But are all of them safe and, most importantly, worth buying? We don’t think so. Some of them can even cause an allergy, so when picking new sunscreen, you should be careful. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about what sunscreen to buy, we recommend paying attention to Japanese products. They are affordable, safe, and dermatologist-tested. Plus, our online store offers the lowest prices for Japanese sunscreens, so that everyone can buy this summer must-have and be prepared for holidays.

How to Choose Japanese Sunscreen?

woman applies sunscreenWhat three words are associated with summer for you? Ours are sea, sun, and fun! But even during this reckless time, you shouldn’t forget about skin protection. There are two main reasons to buy sunscreen:

  1. it protects from premature aging, pigment spots, and wrinkles;
  2. it significantly reduces the risks of cancer.

Each of us should use sunscreen as soon as the level of solar radiation goes up to 6 points. Every year almost 3 million people get cancer because of the devil-may-care attitude to skin protection. Daily usage of sunscreen with SPF 15 decreases your risks of getting carcinoma by 40% and melanoma — by 50%. In case you wear sunscreen with SPF 50, or at least 30, the risks of getting cancer are twice reduced.

If you don’t know what sunscreen is worth buying, the main things you should take into account are the ingredient list and your skin type. And, of course, don’t forget about the SPF level. Japanese sunscreens usually contain either chemical or physical protective ingredients.

  1. Physical components are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. They prevent sun rays from getting into the skin’s structure. Sunscreens with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are perfect for both sensitive and problematic skin. Plus, zinc oxide can be used for inflammation and enlarged pores.
  2. Chemical components are avobenzone and octisalate. They prevent sun rays from getting onto the skin’s surface.

Both of these groups of ingredients are safe and effective, thus, there are no major differences in their usage and prices. All vital ingredients contained in sunscreens are usually chemically produced. Many people may think that physical ingredients are natural or even organic, but in fact, they are non-organic mineral compounds. That’s why the main factors you should consider when buying new sunscreen are your skin type and SPF level.

The Hottest Offers

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At Japanesbeauty, you can order plenty of top-quality sunscreens at reasonable prices. One of our favorite products is Episteme UV-Defender-A. This sunscreen is soft and not sticky and has a reliable price. Order it not only to protect your skin against UV-rays but also to prevent wrinkles and loose skin. Episteme UV-Defender-A contains a plum extract that leaves the skin soft and firm.

The second place in our rating belongs to Obagi. The brand produces sunscreen with SPF 50+ PA++++ that has an affordable price and can be used not only for skin protection but also as a makeup base. Plus, it renews skin cells and is enriched with a unique, brand new ingredient called Change Power that prevents skin damage caused by UV-rays, reflecting them from the surface.

At Japanesbeauty, you can buy the best Japanese sunscreens from the hottest brands. We deliver the orders to any country and offer the lowest prices for your favorite products.