Menard - high quality anti-aging skincare from Japan

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The modern cosmetic market in Japan is full of new brands with special offers to solve all skin problems. But Menard was and remains one of the best brands in the Land of the Rising Sun in terms of anti-aging cosmetics. Cosmetics from Menard fully meet the needs of aging skin for proper care, and the effect of its use, especially in combination, is comparable to and even exceeds the result of salon rejuvenation procedures.

What is the secret of the popularity Menard? Just want to say that one single secret does not exist. Each brand’s new product is the product of many years of work by scientists of the company's research center, as well as the result of cooperation between the best perfumers to create unique fragrances and designers working to turn trivial packaging into a real work of art.

Menard – philosophy of beauty

Each great company, regardless of its field of work, has its own special mission. It can change over the years, transform into something more, or adapt to the requirements of society and its time. The mission of the Menard brand is to help every woman enjoy life every day, and at the same time be confident in their irresistibility. Yes, Menard representatives believe that beauty will save the world and bring joy to everyone in this world.

The company's motto continues the basic idea and values of beauty: “Menard: Search for true beauty”. The cosmetics of the brand helps to reveal the true beauty, to restore the radiance of tired and aged skin, in order to look attractive at any age, regardless of life circumstances and the amount of makeup. And, it is worth saying that at the moment the brand is doing its job well.

Menard has existed since 1959. During this time, the company acquired a strong research base with hundreds of the best employees in the field. Every day, Menard laboratories conduct research on cosmetic formulas based on plants. However, the study does not stop at the Japanese flora. Scientists are working on natural extracts that sprout in different parts of the globe, creating truly amazing anti-aging and skincare formulas to restore the skin's natural beauty.

Why Menard?

Cosmetics of this brand are premium products, which affects its price. The price factor may initially scare away potential buyers, but you just have to try the brand’s products by yourself and all doubts will go away. Menard products are definitely worth the money. And there are many reasons for this:

Safety. Menard collaborates with dermatological institutes and conducts ongoing research on the safety of cosmetic ingredients. Before a new product hits the market, it goes through dozens of studies on its hypoallergenicity. The creation of high-quality age-related cosmetics is an absolute priority of the company.

Efficiency. Collaboration with dermatological institutes, research on the skin, its regenerative abilities and features of stem cells helps Menard scientists better understand the processes of skin aging and ways to prevent these processes with the help of natural components granted to us by nature.

Confidence. Japanese companies are very strict about the quality of their products and put a good reputation above possible short-term profits. Menard monitors quality not only at the development and testing stage but at all stages, from the purchase of raw materials to the shipment of finished products. Strict quality standards have allowed the brand to win leading products in both the Japanese and European markets.

Cosmetics for solving all age skin problems

For almost 60 years of its existence, Menard has released several popular product lines. Also, the brand is constantly working on updating the compositions of the most popular skincare products. The most famous Menard line:

Embellir. This is a well-known luxury range, which includes a full range of skincare products for the full care of mature skin, ranging from cleansing foam и moisturizing essence, ending with a lifting night cream for the face and skin around the eyes. The powerful anti-aging properties of the series are given by extracts of reishi mushrooms.

Authent - a unique perfume line. Products are distinguished by a magnificent aroma that directly affects the production of hormones of happiness and, together with the active components of the products, acts on stem cells. This line includes the absolute women's favorite in the field of anti-aging care - Menard Authent Cream II.

Menard is the choice of elegant, confident, and successful women who want the best!