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TM Epoch - it’s quite possible to become a pastry chef in five minutes

Epoch developers have created a whole world for children, inhabited by young people and united by an interesting legend. This world is inhabited by animals: foxes and bears, rabbits and squirrels - each of them has a house equipped with everything necessary for a full life. The town of Sylvanian Families is also quite realistic: there is a hospital and market, a school and a kindergarten, a bakery and other places necessary for arranging a happy life. Small townspeople live in families, they have children, and harmony and comfort reign in homes.

The main feature of the world is the Sylvanian Families and the reason for the popularity of these toys is forethought and amazing detailing. Clothes and dishes, decor, furniture and any accessories - all these little things impress with their beauty and sincerity.

It’s not by chance that the Epoch toys were recognized as the best in England for three years in a row, while in Japan the Sylvanian Families brand is dedicated to an entire amusement park, a full-length cartoon, a musical and a restaurant chain.

The quality of the products is also at the level: the toys are made of high-quality plastic with elements of textiles and are suitable for children over 4 years old.

Other Products

Our company Epoch presents a mini-set of macaroon cakes. They are made of artificial cream, like a real whipped cream, and allow you to create realistic sweets, feeling like a pastry chef. This set is not just a toy for decorative creativity, but a real simulator for beginning confectioners. Special material allows you to work in detail the product, making numerous curls and folds. And most importantly - the set already contains everything you need: you can simply open the box and start working on it.