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Fancl: Vitamins and Skincare for Your Health and Beauty

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Established by a man for his loved wife, Fancl exists to make all women around the world happy and healthy. The brand proves that beauty is not about violence and self-sacrifice but a careful attitude to your health, skin, and body.

Fancl is not one of those brands that create their conception on underlining your imperfections and making you feel insecure without using their products. Fancl is about changing yourself for you only, and only then when you want it. It’s about taking care of skin and body not because of stereotypes but because of the feeling of love for yourself.

Nevertheless, Fancl keeps the prices low so each of you could afford to buy high-quality Japanese skincare. Plus, if you order skincare or supplements from Fancl at Japanesbeauty, you will additionally save your money since we offer the lowest prices on the market and deliver all orders worldwide directly from Japan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fancl Skincare Products

We are often asked why Fancl is worth buying and why their products are available only in small-sized bottles. Whether it’s safe to use products after the expiration date, and where it’s better to store them? Specially for you, we chose the most frequently asked questions and answered them using official recommendations from Fancl.

  1. fancl skincareWhy are all the products available in small-sized bottles only? First of all, skincare from Fancl doesn’t contain preservatives, which means all products should be used within 30 days after opening the package. Secondly, the cell turnover lasts 28 days, so if you buy one package at the best price and use it within this term, you will see whether it’s suitable for your skin or not.
  2. Can I use the products from Fancl after the expiration date? No, since they don’t contain preservatives and additives after this term their effectiveness and safety decreases.
  3. How should the skincare from Fancl be stored? You don’t need to worry about the storage conditions. All products may be stored as your regular cosmetics.
  4. Does Fancl test their products on animals? No, all products from Fancl are cruelty-free, but the company doesn’t control the methods of testing in other countries. If you want to be sure that your skincare from Fancl wasn’t tested on animals, buy all products from Japan only. Plus, Japanese products have lower prices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fancl Supplements

Vitamins and other supplements from Fancl are so popular as skincare and are in high demand too. Our clients prefer buying them because of balanced formulas and reliable prices.

  1. fancl supplementsWhat time should I take vitamins from Fancl? You should keep in mind that supplements are food so you can take them at any convenient time. Though the brand recommends separating the dose into three parts and take them during breakfast, lunch, and diner. But if there are any specific recommendations on the package, you should take them into account.
  2. Can I take several supplements at once? Yes, you can take several supplements at once, but pay attention to the ingredient list and concentration of components to avoid hypervitaminosis.
  3. Can I order supplements with worldwide delivery? At Japanesbeauty, you can buy any products with worldwide delivery to any country. We offer the best offers from well-known Japanese brands at reliable prices and ship all orders directly from Japan.