Meiji Amino-Collagen Replacement Pack



Meiji Amino-collagen Meiji is the secret of your beauty. Collagen is the main component of tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones, skin, nails, and hair. It improves skin elasticity, slows down the aging process, eliminates wrinkles, moisturizes the skin, adds shine to the hair, strengthens the nails. Thanks to the collagen, the product restores the musculoskeletal system and relieve pain. It does not contain flavor additives. You can use it with cold or hot foods, such as coffee, juice, yogurt, etc.

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Brand Meiji
Weight90 grams
Dosage30 days

How to use: Dissolve the contents of one measuring spoon in liquid (water, tea, juice, coffee). Take once a day.

Ingredients: Fish Collagen Peptide, Maltodextrin (Molasses), Vegetable Fats, Glucosamine, Arginine, Thickener (Gum Arabic).

Nutrient Value (One Measuring Spoon - 7 Grams): Energy Value - 27 Kcal, Proteins - 5.3 G, Fats - 0.08 G, Carbohydrates - 1.3 G.

Fish Collagen Peptide - 5000 Mg, Arginine - 450 Mg, Glucosamine - 60 Mg, Vitamin C - 50 Mg, Sodium - 15 Mg.

90 g (approx. for 32 days).

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