ZOO Unimat Riken Chewing Vitamins Blueberry + Lutein for 75 days



ZOO Unimat Riken Chewing Vitamins are highly rich in vitamins. The product strengthens the immune system, prevents and treats atherosclerosis. Blueberry contains carbohydrates, pectin substances, fiber. Mineral substances: potassium, manganese, iron. Thanks to tannins and essential oils, blueberries have a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect. Folic acid can reduce radiation exposure and helps to remove toxins, mercury, cobalt, and lead. Blueberries can reduce blood pressure, improve brain activity and memory, slow down the aging process, control the cardiovascular system. Blueberry has memory restoring properties.

Lutein is present in high concentrations in the macula - the functional center of the retina. It provides the best-detailed vision. Lutein protects the retina against the ultraviolet light, plays a very important role in the prevention of cataracts.

Regular use of this product can relieve eye strain and improve vision.

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Amount150 pcs
Dosage75 days

Dosage and administration: Take two pills during or after meals.

Ingredients: sugar, glucose, blueberry extract, acidifying agents, emulsifiers, thickeners, polysaccharides.

Nutritional Information: 2 tablets - 8kcal, protein - 0g, lipids - 0 ~ 0.04g, carbohydrates - 1.96 g Sodium - 0 mg, vitamin A - 225 mcg lutein - 0.44 mkg, blueberry extract - 44 mg.

Consult your doctor before use.

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