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Albion Excia Joy Grace Cleansing Oil

Albion Excia Joy Grace Cleansing Oil

Albion Excia Joy Grace Cleansing Oil




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Perfectly cleansing oil Albion Excia Joy Grace Cleansing < / span> Oil is a wonderful mixture of vegetable oils, which carefully removes waterproof cosmetics and dirt from the surface of the skin. Oil nourishes and softens the skin, serves as a moisturizer and has a noticeable rejuvenating effect. The product has a delicate texture and pleasant aroma, it is easily applied to the skin, evenly distributed on its surface and penetrates deep into the pores, thoroughly cleaning out even stale cosmetics along with the residues of sebum. One of the main components of the cleansing oil is argan oil, which is known for its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. Under its influence, the risk of acne and other skin diseases decreases. It also helps in the treatment of some skin diseases. The oil perfectly soothes and moisturizes the skin weakened by the long-lasting effects of make-up. After cleansing and due to high-quality moisturizing, the skin returns elasticity and elasticity, fine wrinkles are smoothed out. With regular use of oil, the face acquires a refreshed and visibly younger appearance.

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Appearance, performance and options can be changed by the manufacturer without notice.

Manufacturer: ALBION
Volume : 180 ml
Product series : Excia
Type : Hydrophilic oil
Application : Makeup remover
Application : Cleansing
Application : First signs of aging
Application : Toning
Application : Softenning
Application : All skin types
Prescription : Face
Sex : Womans

Tips for use: With dry hands, spread some oil over the face with massage movements. Remains of oil along with make-up and dirt are easily washed away with warm water.